The Digital Strategy Manager, also called Chief Digital Officer or Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in English, is the person who will initiate, support or strengthen the digital transformation of your company. He occupies a transversal position in the organization chart of the company, and he is in charge of determining and piloting the digital strategy chosen by the company to integrate new communication technologies into existing tools and methods. This position has become essential for companies for several years in order to define and implement a global strategy.

The digital director and in charge of various missions:

State of play of the company’s digital strategy
At the strategic level, he is responsible for the development and implementation of a global digital action plan that includes, for example, the management of the internal social network and external networks, possible changes in IT solutions, development New Zealand Phone Number List mobile applications, etc. in conjunction with the IT department and general management.


The CDO is also responsible for implementing performance models and a tailor-made execution plan for the business.

It defines a budget and structures its distribution with a view to achieving the objectives.
He is in charge of the deployment of digital projects internally in the various departments, in relation with the project managers, and of the coordination of the various participating teams.
The digital director ensures the management and even the training of the technical teams and the teams in charge of digital marketing.

He supervises the implementation of a regular watch, and must be attentive to all the innovations which arise in the digital field, especially if they can positively impact the results of the company.
Attachment of the CDO

Previously, the Digital Director was often attached to the Management of the marketing or communication department. But today, it is common for the CDO to report directly to the general management of the company, and it may even be part of the management committee.

What is a good CDO?

A good digital director must have solid experience in the fields and professions of digital marketing, technology, e-commerce, and above all a strategic vision. To succeed in the mission for which he was hired, the CDO must implement digital strategies adapted to the company and its various digital platforms, which are effective and consistent with the overall strategy of the company. Obviously, a similar experience with convincing results in a large company, or with one of the leaders of the digital world, such as Google, Amazon or Facebook is an asset. But the fact of having learned in more conventional companies is not considered a disadvantage, since it brings interesting knowledge on more traditional business operations.

One of the essential qualities to become a CDO is to have a great capacity for adaptation and a culture of change, because technology continues to evolve. You also have to be a “team player” – like to work in a group – and have a leadership temperament, in order to maneuver well in an environment whose structures can turn out to be complex. And then, of course, a good CDO must be passionate about technology and innovation, and keep an eye on digital developments, in the competition and even in other industries.

Why are companies hiring CDOs?

Today, companies are looking to find the right balance between their traditional business model and a coherent digital strategy. We also note that it is the companies that have succeeded in achieving this balance in their transformation that are doing the best. This basically means that a digital transformation too far removed from the traditional business model of the company can put its existence in danger. And that’s why they need a digital director. Moreover, the vast majority of very large French companies have recruited a CDO a long time ago, in order to develop and implement a global digital strategy. And we can see that small and medium-sized businesses are following suit.

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, the mission and functions of the chief digital officer go far beyond the integration of a company’s online and offline platforms. With the growing importance of data, the CDO is becoming a key figure in the company, able to change the overall functioning of the company through digital transformation. In this, the CDO acts as a real architect of change, which initiates the future of the company.

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