When a web school, like the Digital School of Paris, questions the advantages and threats that digital technology can represent, it is above all to be able to better respond to the aspirations and fears of its students. A true “industrial revolution”, the digitization of our societies must however be understood in all its aspects in order to be able to be at the origin of a positive transformation.

Digital Tools, an Asset for An Ambitious Professional Life….

We no longer present the many advantages that the digitization of our economies has generated in a few years. A student, choosing to prepare for a title of Expert Digital Architect, a recognized diploma at the BAC +5 level , will be trained in the use of the most innovative tools to ensure a promising professional career. A Cybersecurity professional makes sure that he can evolve throughout his career, provided he follows the latest Kazakhstan Email List innovations and the latest trends concerning him. Digital technology has enhanced the efficiency and therefore the productivity of economic players.

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It is not insignificant to stress that economists qualify this digitization as a new industrial revolution , so much digital tools have profoundly disrupted organizations at work but also initiated countless opportunities to go ever further and ever faster. On the other hand, if these 2.0 tools have become the bases on which an ambitious career can be imagined, they can also represent a danger, a threat both on a professional and personal level.

Additional Obstacle to Overcome?

Indeed, studies carried out by sociologists at the global level have underlined the extent to which these same innovations, so beneficial for optimizing efficiency and productivity on a professional level , could lead to a consequent decrease in the capacity for attention and concentration. In other words, if “screens” today make it possible to strengthen the user experience of prospects / customers, they are also a source of distraction for their users, whether through social networks or the distribution platforms of video content. If Data and Artificial Intelligence have enabled web marketing to evolve towards predictive marketing, they have also assured the Internet giants of being able to be ever more effective in their ability to attract our attention.

The algorithm would therefore have become an essential tool for economic development while constituting the worst threat in terms of the operational efficiency of employees. While we know how important the efforts to be made to refocus on a file are important, the sources of distraction are always more numerous and intense, making the question of the productivity of each and everyone more difficult to assess. Are the threats still greater than the benefits? The answer, here again, cannot be so clear-cut, but calls for some nuances mainly linked to a question of generation.

Digital Natives, when Obelix Syndrome Leads to Increased Efficiency

The students currently following a course or another to the Digital School of Paris or any other school Web are called Digital Natives. This name, more important than the simple distinctions of generation (generation X, Y or Z), reminds us that they have been immersed from their birth in a digitalized world. Sociologists underline the threat of Obelix syndrome, consisting in overestimating the ability to use all these innovations on the pretext of having been around them on a daily basis for years. Living with digital on a daily basis is not enough to become a recognized expert in the use of these tools. This evidence, recalled with force by all the actors of the digital ecosystem, thus leads the youngest generations to better identify the risks that these evolutions can represent while better measuring the importance and the scope.

This awareness is certainly accompanied by the lessons given during specialized higher studies, but is also based on a change in mentalities. Just as the myth of the Self-Made-Man did not prevent students of the 1970s and 1980s from understanding the strengths of Grandes Écoles and Business Schools, that of the “ digital genius, working alone in his garage ” does not has not deprived today’s students of grasping the importance of acquiring a competence recognized by all. In this, Digital Natives are more aware of the threats mentioned above, since they have identified them more precisely than the rest of the population.”

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