Currently Meta (formerly Facebook) is an active developer. But in the future you can certainly develop an avatar on all kinds of platforms to represent your person Start creating content using augmented reality Participate in a virtual reality event, such as one of the Oculus Events Stay tuned with Forbes, Medium, Frankwatching and other major sources.

the core features you need,

Expand your network with pioneers such as Cathy Hackl & Tiago Amaral Use Google Lens (50%-250% more conversions, according to Shopify ) Augmented reality overlays digital content and information onto the physical world – as if they’re actually there with you, – Google Uganda Phone Number Start with visual search Blockchain, crypto, VR, AR, the development of the metaverse… Keep an eye out! It is a fact that visual search strategies, ie the application of images, videos and virtual reality,

what analysis options you have,

Are indispensable for a leading company or project. Are you stuck and don’t know where to start in this new year? Take a closer look at your visual search strategy and take small steps. You can’t stay behind Visual search is on the rise. Do you want to stay relevant for your target group? If you want to learn how to express your brand purpose and personality in images and how to draw up an image strategy, the Visual Communication Training might be something for you. Tell me more!

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