Data visualization, or “data visualization” in English, corresponds to the graphic representation of information and data. By using visual elements such as graphs or maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible means of seeing and understanding trends, observing special cases, and patterns contained in a mass of data.

In the world of Big Data , data visualization tools and technologies are essential for analyzing massive amounts of information and making the right decisions, based on the data.

Fortunately, there are tools that help make decision-making easier for large companies, allowing them to have a clear overview of their data.

Here are the 15 essential data visualization tools for your business:

1.? Table
Tableau is a robust and powerful tool that makes it easier to visualize data. You can connect any database and create understandable, meaningful visuals. In addition, it allows you to share your data visualization work with other people.

Main Features :

Appreciable speed of execution, with options to optimize and improve the progress of a given operation.
This tool provides extensive options for securing data without scripting.
This application has a cloud version and another for desktop.
It can be integrated with more than 250 applications.
Tableau is the perfect Brazil Phone Number List tool for solving business big data issues.


2.? Qlik
Qlik is data visualization software used to convert abstract raw data into concrete, easier-to-analyze pieces of knowledge. This tool acts like a human brain and works on the idea of ​​association. He is able to go in any direction to find the answers to the questions you have.

Characteristics :

This tool supports multiple forms of data presentation

It is able to provide clear and transparent reports, which accept a certain scalability with the integration of new data.
Its other strong point is that it offers rapid integration of data from various sources in a single application, which saves time.
With Qlik, data visualization is expressed in meaningful and innovative ways.
It is the ideal tool to help you understand data storytelling, identify trends, and make the right decisions for your marketing strategy.
3.? Power BI
Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that helps you convert data from various sources into interactive dashboards and reports. It provides several connectors for other software and services.

Characteristics :

You can easily manage your reports using SaaS solution.
Power BI delivers real-time updates to your dashboard.
It provides a secure and reliable connection to your data sources in the cloud or on-premises.
Power BI enables data mining using a natural language query
4.? Dundas BI
Dundas BI is a ready-to-use Business Intelligence platform for companies. You can deploy it as a central data portal for your business or integrate it with any website.

You can prepare and visually transform your business data into understandable and relevant reports.
This product offers a wide range of layout options, colors, as well as a customizable data visualization.
Dundas helps you incorporate your data through an intuitive drag and drop feature.
It supports a wide variety of statistical formulas.
You can interact or analyze your data on any device or medium.
5.? Adaptive Insights
Adaptive Insights is a data visualization tool designed to boost your business performance. He can assist you in important areas, such as planning and budgeting your projects, in order to make optimal decisions.

You can easily collaborate with other people through this platform

Adaptive Insights automates data collection to ensure that you are working with “fresh” data.
This tool has a dashboard that lets you create well-crafted reports effortlessly.
Adaptive Insights also allows you to plan your budget for a given project.
6.? Domo
Domo is a cloud platform capable of performing analysis and creating a more efficient interactive visualization. This product allows you to examine important data using charts, pie charts, etc., and simplify your data.

You can get a real-time view of your data and customize your dashboard.
You can view your reports on any device.
This tool automatically monitors the evolution of your data, your analysis reports, etc.
You can integrate it with any software.
7.? Datawrapper
Datawrapper is an open source tool that allows you to create interactive charts. You can load CSV (Comma Separated Values) data files into this application and embed maps on your website.

You can customize this app without having to have any coding skills.
Datawrapper supports Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.
It helps you create maps, charts, graphs and tables with ease.
This tool allows you to connect your visualization to a Google Sheet.

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