If you manage a small business or digital startup, the profiles who work within your organization do not necessarily meet face to face every day. Meetings are often organized by video conference and the call to external providers is commonplace. The establishment of a CSR or corporate social network could in this context, be of great use to boost the efficiency of your human resources. But what is it all about? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

CSR: What Is It?

The CSR or corporate social network refers to a community made up mainly of professionals with the same areas of interest, working in the same company or collaborating with the company in question. This is another facet of Mayotte Email Lists social networking.

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It is not intended to bring together the employees of a company to do extra professional activities, but rather to promote exchanges around the company’s projects in a fun and practical way. According to Jean Pralong, director of the HR intelligence chair and who carried out a study on corporate social networks, discussions within a corporate social network are focused exclusively on the professional world, hence its name.

By creating a professional social network, it is clear that you will invite as members only your employees and possibly your professional partners composed in particular of providers and external consultants. Private, romantic or family relationships are therefore not in the spotlight in this type of network. Creating such a platform allows you to optimize collaboration with members of your staff.

Thanks to This Network

The various departments of your company will have no problem communicating in real time. Best of all, your staff can interact with more freedom and the space barrier is no longer a hindrance when they are called upon to collaborate. Note that the corporate social network works exactly like a classic social network like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Each of your employees creates their profile there and they can also choose to create a group or even a page. To do this, registration is of course compulsory and once all the members of your staff have an account on the corporate social network that you have set up, they must complete their profile, in particular by specifying the position. they occupy or their skills.

They are free to post on their wall and they can also consult the posts of other members. The creation of a CSR is accessible to any company. However, if you choose to create such a platform, you must comply with European data protection and privacy rules. ( GDPR )

As in all social networks, you can appoint people responsible for keeping your platform alive and checking that the exchanges revolve around the company. The role of facilitator can be performed by a “ community manager ” or one or more moderators.

What Are the Specificities of A CSR?

When you create a corporate social network, you must meet a number of criteria outside of your legal obligations.

Of course, the functioning of a CSR is modeled on that of traditional social media. However, if you want this platform for exchange between members of your staff to meet your expectations, you must make sure that it includes all the useful features for professional exchanges.

If you want the CSR that you have set up to be a real collaborative network and a privileged place of exchange for the members of your staff, you must verify that the platform integrates a project management option and allows the creation of a personalized organization chart. In addition to the option of creating an individual profile, the CSR must also allow the creation of a specific working group for a very distinct project.

Other features such as group management, information sharing, instant messaging or the possibility of selecting participants are also useful in order to guarantee a better user experience.

A corporate social network: is it useful?
The CSR or corporate social network is not only used to make a good impression on team flights. As an online business, you should never neglect the methods and new tools to grow digitally. CSR is one of those tools that can help you claim rapid development. Thanks to such a platform, your employees will be able to collaborate better, because space-time barriers are no problem. For better collaboration, you must among other things create a specific group for each project.

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