Tools to try in content-curation-resolutions-cover does anyone know where 2015 went? Looks like. I just blinked my eyes open for a New Zealand Phone Number new year. I always view the holidays as a time for reflection – a time to take a step back from the day-to-day,. Look at the progress I’ve made over the past year, and prepare myself to tackle the tasks and projects that I want to accomplish. The next 12 months. Among all my usual resolutions for 2016 (exercise more…Spend more time with friends…Bring world peace…Blah, blah, blah), I’m looking New Zealand Phone Number to add some new skills to my arsenal and step up my content curation game. But rather than do all the work myself, this year I plan to follow in the footsteps of our wonderful cmi.

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Members who have recommended some tools they use to New Zealand Phone Number find relevant content, enhance. Their creativity and their productivity, and keep their tasks prioritized and organized. For those of you with similar resolutions for 2016. I’ve highlighted a few tools that seem particularly useful, along with some details on the New Zealand Phone Number specific ways. Each could be used in a content curation context. Domo : many curation projects are published on multiple channels and platforms at once. This means curators typically have to look at multiple metric reports and then find a way to correlate. The data to create an apples-to-apples performance analysis. Home dashboard named one of the 10 most influential .

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Domo was designe to help streamline repetitive and New Zealand Phone Number complicate processes. Like this, by bringing all data points into a single platform and providing simple but robust visualization tools, to help him. Everything makes sense. No wonder it was so highly recommende during this year’s cmi twitter chat on metrics. Google’s digital analytics basics course : understanding your content’s performance is. The responsibility of every content marketer on the team, even those who work more creatively and aren’t as comfortable with it. The New Zealand Phone Number digital data component of the content (guilty as charged). Although I have a working knowledge of many google analytics reports,.

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