There will be reparation for the public sector. It is not about a government that is as small as possible, but about a good government. Cutbacks and market forces are partly reversed or adjusted. Crucial services are becoming more centralized in terms of management. Frontline workers are better rewarded, with more pay. As a result, government spending will rise sharply.

Binding factor

Because in health care alone, personnel costs account for about 60-70% of all health care costs. The costs outweigh the benefits, also in public services. Nurse holds hand of old man. 3. Compete and Collaborate war on resources The corona crisis is leading to more competition between Nepal Phone Number countries, companies and citizens. Think of the global race for geopolitical influence, protective equipment, vaccinations and the hoarding of people in the supermarket. In addition, a ‘war on resources’ is emerging in many areas.

Connecting Leadership

Past performance

Think of the major shortages of personnel, chips, precious metals, raw materials and fuels. As a result, some restaurants and car factories are closing, construction projects. Are delayed and the prices of materials, gas and petrol are skyrocketing. To avoid major delivery risks, companies opt for long-term agreements with room for short-term adjustments. For the ‘war on talent’, companies will invest more in binding and captivating employees, so excel in employee experience and involvement.

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