Say that LinkedIn exclusively caters to an older audience. but now Millennials dominate the platform. LinkedIn reportedly experienced record revenue. driven by the platform’s growth during COVID-19 and increased interest in new jobs. The platform’s demographic of high-earning B2B professionals makes LinkedIn a potential goldmine for ads. According to LinkedIn themselves. it’s the top-rated social network for lead generation. making it a great source for B2B marketers looking to find targeted and motivated audiences for their campaigns.


Given that only 180 million (25%) of LinkedIn’s users are located in the US. the platform has a massive international reach. LinknedIn worldwide demographics Pinterest demographics and usage Number of monthly active users 431 million Largest age group: 50-64 (38%) Gender: 78% female. 22% male (no data on other genders) Time spent per day: 14.2 minutes Takeaways from Pinterest demographics for 2022 Although Pinterest is largely considered female-dominated. the platform saw a surprising spike in male users during 2021.

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The platform’s core user base of 400+ Pinners continues to hold steady (and ad revenues are actually up from where they were a couple of years ago). Pinterest is perhaps the most produced-focused of any social network. signaling big opportunities for ads (hint: 45% of Pinterest users Georgia Phone Numbers have a household income of $100.000+). Shopping-centric organic content is fair game. too  — almost 70% of users say they trust Pinterest and it’s their favorite place to research products.

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Pinterest’s social media demographic data is unique as their users are almost evenly split age-wise — 18-29 (32%). 30-49 (34%) and the largest demo is 50-64 (38%). Interesting crowd! Pinterest’s social media demographics for 2022 Snapchat demographic data and usage Number of monthly active users: 319 million Largest age group: 15-25 (48%) Gender: 54.4% female. 44.6% male (no data on other genders) Time spent per day: 25+ minutes Takeaways from Snapchat demographics for 2022 Although Snapchat may not be the most talked-about or “trendy” network anecdotally. the platform saw growth during 2021.

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Snapchat is still huge with the younger crowd. although it recently lost its top spot as teenagers’ go-to network. Even if you aren’t active on Snapchat. it’s a prime place for trendspotting and learning what younger consumers want. With 57% YoY revenue growth (breaking the $1 billion barrier). Snapchat isn’t going anywhere yet. Weekly social media usage among US teens in 2022 YouTube demographics and usage Number of monthly active users: 2+ billion Largest age group: 15-35 (highest reach) Gender: 46% female. 54% male (no data on other genders) Time spent per session: ~30 minutes


Takeaways from YouTube demographics for 2022 YouTube’s popularity among younger users highlights the ongoing. long-term shift toward video content. Marketers note that YouTube is still a sort of land of opportunity advertising-wise. viewing it as a place to put their ad dollars in the the likes of Facebook (hint: YouTube’s ad revenue increased 43% YoY). This revenue growth signals not only the platform’s influence as a social network but also as a go-to streaming service. Given that 62% of YouTube’s users log into the platform daily. the platform has no problems with engagement and retention.

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