They ensure that customers can return products or have them picked up for free within 7 days without any hassle. They have 24/7 availability of customer service (often through the use of good chatbots). In addition, many retailers have integrated a loyalty program in all channels. In short, when optimizing the customer. Journey there is still a lot of profit to be made! 3. Cross-border commerce During the first lockdown in 2020, many companies literally and figuratively ran into the Dutch border.

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It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies – in order to be able to grow further – are taking a look across the border. For the bluepaper ‘cross-border e-commerce: no going back 2021’ I did the research below. GFK annually carries Bahamas Phone Number out a consumer survey on behalf of ShoppingTomorrow. This is about the shopping behavior of Dutch consumers. This survey asks, among other things, how they think they will shop in the next five years. The topic of cross-border is also discussed here.

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Meanwhile, 11% of all online purchases are made at a foreign webshop. Half of these come from Germany (26%), Great Britain (12%) and the United States (12%). This is surprising because it often refers to China (6%) when we talk about cross-border commerce. Cross-border commerce Source: GFK Source: GFK If we look at which products the Dutch consumer expects to purchase abroad in 2026, we see, in addition to clothing, mainly electronic products.

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