The Chinese consumer market has entered a new round of consumption upgrading. The consumption structure has changed from subsistence consumption to enjoyment and development consumption. Netizens have migrated from PC to mobile, and e-commerce is also seeking new growth channels. Due to the improvement of consumption level, people’s consumption mode has gradually shifted from traditional methods to overseas shopping, pursuing high-quality products.

The current mainstream overseas shopping consumers have surpassed the stage of using “foreign goods” to advertise themselves in the past, and enjoy the actual improvement of overseas shopping for their quality of life. But it is precisely because of the pursuit of personal quality of life that consumers’ needs are more personalized and differentiated, which makes the competition in the overseas e-commerce industry more and more fierce.

Xiaohongshu started out as a strategy for cross-border shopping. It still has certain limitations Mexico Phone Number  the market. More people are still in the consumption mode of domestic shopping. Later, it gradually expanded the market boundary and gradually turned to be a community to realize the UGC model. , accumulated loyal users with long-term guaranteed output.

At present, all kinds of female e-commerce platforms are also changing to the model of “community + content + e-commerce”. With the improvement of content quality, the number of users is gradually increasing, and the main goal of Xiaohongshu is women’s shopping experience. Sharing and overseas shopping, for third-tier cities with relatively weak spending power, the number of overseas products that can be purchased in Xiaohongshu Mall is still much less than that in first-tier and second-tier cities, so the number of users still has a ceiling.

2. Competitive analysis

2.1 Data Analysis of Competitive Products

(1) Total number of users



The above is the daily download volume of Xiaohongshu and Koala in the past year. The download volume of Xiaohongshu in the past year is about 33.97 million, and the download volume of Koala in the past year is about 15.7 million, and the ratio is about 3: 1. Xiaohongshu and koalas are both very stable numbers, and there is no large growth rate.

Only in June of 2017, the growth rate of Xiaohongshu increased by more than 300,000. After checking the version records, it was found that Xiaohongshu held an anniversary event on June 6. The champion who invited friends to join can get a huge amount of money. The threshold-free cash coupons, this activity led to a rapid increase in June. But after the campaign ended, the download rate went back to where it was before.

In addition to the continuous rise of koala in April 2018, it was in a stable state before. Checking the version records, it was found that the brand was promoted by advertising in terms of product operation. It has grown with the effect of stars such as Fan Bingbing.

(3) Sales analysis

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According to data from iiMedia Research: in the distribution of China’s cross-border e-commerce retail import sales in 2016, Koala ranked first with a market share of 21.6%, while Xiaohongshu accounted for 6.5%.

It can be seen from the sales share: the difference between the two is still very large. Koala’s main e-commerce function, as well as logistics and suppliers, invest more than Xiaohongshu, and the variety of products is more complete. Compared with Xiaohongshu, which focuses on the product positioning of marking life and finding good things in the world, it is much weaker in e-commerce, so the sales are much different.

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