Recently, it has been hot topics in the communication profession, governments and media institutes that are struggling with crumbling trust and an increasingly complex social playing field. There is also an increasing call from the socially conscious citizen and consumer for fairer, more transparent, more sustainable and safer. And the desire for authenticity, personal and local is still growing. What does that mean for you as a communication professional?

In this Summerread I will take you along 8 important trends and tips regarding these communication developments, from the articles that have recently been published on Frankwatching. This way you are completely up to date after the summer in one go.

  • 1. Mega Trends
  • 2. How do you regain trust?
  • 3. Brands and Society
  • 4. Diversity is a must
  • 5. How does the profession change for you as a communication professional?
  • 6. Fluid Functions: Rethinking the Imaging
  • 7. Communication in the workplace
  • 8. Approach Tips

1. Mega Trends

Major developments, megatrends or even a landslide. The expletives CIO & CTO Email List we have heard in recent months differ, but one thing is clear: these are turbulent times. In the communications sector, in particular, it seems that calm has not yet returned. In fact, we will never go back to the way it was. Advocating thiscolleagues like John Verhoeven even. Sounds exciting? It is. But as communication professionals, if we can keep our finger on the pulse of society, we learn quickly. This is apparent from, among other things, the amount of valuable articles that have recently appeared on Frankwatching by various authors. Some signaling, some with handy applications, practical tips and tools, which show that the communication profession is more relevant than ever.

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Before I zoom in on how you can deal with the capriciousness as a communication professional, I first outline the context. Until now, in 2022, the broad (social) movements that directly affect the communication profession, which require and sometimes fundamental, changes of approach have been discussed. Think of the enormous decline in trust in the government. This week the monthly poll camebased on I&O research and the figures again do not lie. But the need for the recovery of the public sector is also still high on the agenda. Just like tackling the enormous inequality of opportunity and holding companies and organizations accountable for their social responsibilities. Think of data security, their diversity and inclusiveness policy and climate measures. The call for a new balance, a new status quo and the need for change is palpable. And citizens are more assertive than before.

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