If you already have a YouTube channel, you probably know a lot about YouTube Studio or YouTube Creator Studio, its older version. But do you know how to use it optimally?

We will first introduce this tool and its new features, which every YouTube video maker should know, and see why it is important to use it for your channel in order to get income that matches your investment and your creative work.

What is YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is a set of proprietary tools built into YouTube that allows you to better manage your channel, engage with your audience, and organize your video content. When it comes to setting up YouTube Studio, you don’t have to do anything to access all of its features, which are easy to use.

There are tons of useful tools and features in YouTube Studio that will help you get the most out of your channel and improve its performance, such as Analytics and Albania WhatsApp Number List Community tabs, which can help you track important video metrics and monitor your fans’ comments about your videos.

As you read on, you will discover all that YouTube Studio has to offer in detail.

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How to use the many tools in YouTube Studio
There is an endless amount of information you can glean and view on YouTube Studio. Let’s start with the central element, the dashboard.

– The YouTube Studio Dashboard

Your dashboard is the real command center of your YouTube Studio, and it provides an overview of everything that is happening on your channel.

In the dashboard, YouTube provides you with all the most important information and notifications of your channel, on the performance of your videos and even suggestions on how to improve your channel.

Here are the elements that you will be able to find there

Information about your last video: Your last video is displayed, with all the important statistics such as views, average watch time and watch time. From there, you can opt to “Go to Video Analysis” to see a full version of your video analysis.

Recent Subscribers:

Your dashboard also lets you see recent subscribers who have chosen to follow your channel in the past 28 days.
Your Channel Analytics: The Analytics section of your dashboard gives you an overview of current subscribers, viewing time, number of views, top videos, and more. It also provides a link to the full analytics page so you can dive into your data.
But that’s not all, because the dashboard also gives you access to other sections, like “News”, devoted to YouTube news, “Creator Insider”, in case you are looking for technical updates , or “Ideas for You”, which provides valuable advice on how to create videos.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Analytics part of YouTube Studio.

– Analytics de YouTube Studio

Analyzing the performance of your channel and videos, or Analytics , is at the heart of all your marketing campaigns with YouTube. If you post videos without checking their performance with the analytics tool, you may consider your efforts to be wasted.

The Analytics section of YouTube studio will help you determine how you can improve your campaigns to increase views, engagement or any other performance indicator / target metric.

This is where you can find out if your video campaign is successful or not.

You can get an overview of the statistics listed below in the Analytics section of YouTube Creator Studio.

Views: the number of views your videos have garnered during a specific period
Watch Time: How long people spend watching videos on your channel
Subscribers: How many new subscribers your channel collected within the specific time frame
These three metrics, along with a graph, are provided when you first open the Analytics section of YouTube Studio. However, if you click on the ‘See more’ icon at the bottom left, you will find many other exciting KPIs, such as your traffic sources, the age of your subscribers, and more.

Finally, your Analytics section also shows you real-time video activity on your channel. You can view data for the last 48 hours or the last 60 minutes for a specific video.

– YouTube Video Manager

YouTube Studio Video Manager helps you keep track of all your videos in one place. You can access this section by clicking on the “Videos” tab in the right sidebar of YouTube Studio.

From there, you will be able to manage the visibility of your videos, and see the publication date, views, comments, blue thumbs, etc. If you want to edit your YouTube videos online, this tab can help you edit some details of your videos like title, description, thumbnail, keywords, playlist, etc.

– YouTube Studio Community

In the “Comments” tab of your “Community” section on YouTube Studio, you will be able to view all of your subscribers’ comments in one place.

Comments are displayed in chronological order, starting with the most recent comment. You will be able to see who posted it, for how long and of course the content of the comment, as well as the possibility of “liking” or not the comment.

You’ll also be able to remove comments if you want, flag them, hide the user’s name on your channel, still approve a particular user’s comments, or even add a user as a comment moderator.

You can also reply to comments directly from the comments tab.

YouTube even checks the comments for you by adding comments that are likely spam in the tab labeled “Likely Spam.”

– YouTube Studio Channel

The Channels or Channel section of your YouTube Studio lets you see the status of several important things relating to the status of your YouTube channel, such as your copyright status, which indicates how many copyright infringement warnings there are. you have, along with your copyright status, and the Community Rules Status, which specifies the number of warnings you have received in the event that you have broken community rules.

You will also be able to see in this section whether or not your channel options allow the following actions: download videos, monetization (display ads on your videos), live broadcast, embed live streams, etc.

You’ll also be able to manage things like your default download settings, branding, and advanced account information.

– YouTube Studio Audio

YouTube Creator Studio has a huge array of free music in a real audio library that you can use for the videos on your channel. The titles available are organized by genre, atmosphere, instrumentation, duration, etc.

There are also a wide variety of sound effects to download for your videos.

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