Reach, attracting fresh prospects and. encouraging conversions, Father’s Day – celebrated in many parts of the world this weekend – is one of the. most prosperous annual events for brands and businesses across sectors. It’s poignant, it’s popular, it’s. emotive and it leaves an enormous amount of scope for creativity. Yes, a good Father’s Day campaign is. very rewarding, indeed – if you get it right. In the US alone, Father’s Day-based consumer spending reached. the $15.3 billion mark in 2018. To help inspire your Father’s Day marketing efforts and gain your lion’s share. of the success for future campaigns, here are five inspiring campaigns that you need to know about.

While It’s Too Late for You to Launch Your Own Campaign

have a look at our recent webinar on seasonal planning to get ideas on how to start planning ahead for other .big yearly events.1. Best Social China Phone Number Campaign: Michelob (US)On the lead up to events like Father’s Day, social. media is a highly-engaged playing field for those looking for the perfect gifts or experiences for their father. or father figure. Based on this understanding, Michelob Ultra launched a light-hearted yet emotive video. based social media campaign to great acclaim. Focused around a concise, inspirational and endearing. video based on the superhero-like perception children have of their fathers, Michelob Ultra captured real. moments of dads, mentors and father figures reading tributes from those that cherish them the most.

This Campaign Received an Incredible Response, Gaining

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a notable reach via social media with the hashtag, ULTRADAD across platforms. Michelob increased. Engagement while doing something positive. For a great cause by donating $1 to up2us sports every time. Someone paid tribute to their father on social media. As a result of this wonderfully balanced father’s day. Marketing campaign, michelob. Ultra saw a huge increase in brand awareness with its original. Video alone. Receiving over 1.8 million views in addition to a wildly positive response. And the fact that the brewer raised. funds for a sports coaching charity makes it all the more poignant.

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