Clubhouse, a new audio social media app, where attendees are invited by invitation only, has been starting to gain viral awareness in recent weeks. Created by two Americans, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, in March 2020, the social network application caused a sensation last January when Elon Musk invited Vladimir Putin to come and chat on Clubhouse. The audio platform quickly became the favorite application of the businessman, but not only. All the big names in Silicon Valley and US show business, from Mark Zuckerberg to Ophah Winfrey, are on Clubhouse.

In just a few short weeks, Clubhouse, which allows members to host and join audio chat rooms / rooms, has hosted some of the world’s top thought leaders, growing from 600,000 to 10 million. active users in February 2021 (compared to 2 million in January 2021). In addition, the rising social network has just raised $ 100 million, is valued at nearly a billion dollars.

If Clubhouse meets with unexpected success, this is mainly due to the following factors: its exclusive side, its originality – everything is based on the voice, human engagement, live, and then it is a unique tool that allows people and business leaders to express and test new ideas.

Clubhouse, how does it work?

Find and accept an invitation.

At this point, the new Clubhouse social network is still functioning by invitation, and it is only available to iPhone users. Fortunately, due to its growing audience, you might have a friend or colleague who is already attending and is ready to send you an invite.

If you are not sure you know someone on Clubhouse, you can always create an account on the app. Once you have set up a basic profile, given your China Phone Number List contact details and selected a few topics that interest you, you will see a screen indicating that you have joined the waitlist.


From there, your contacts who are on Clubhouse will be informed that you have joined the waiting list and they can invite you to switch to full user status.

If you receive an invitation from someone, make sure to register with the phone number used when sending your invitation, otherwise the app will assume that you are not the same contact.

When registering, you will be prompted to add an email address. You will also need to choose a photo, username, and password. You can also connect your Twitter account to have the same username, photo, and profile information feed in the app.

Choose topics of interest and follow users.

After giving some basic information when signing up, you can also choose the topics that interest you the most from a long list that will help you personalize the content that the app will offer you afterwards.

Next, Clubhouse will ask you to go to your contacts and use your topic and topic preferences to suggest both people you might know and influencers you might be interested in.

Configure your profile.

If you haven’t linked your Clubhouse account to Twitter to automatically generate a profile, you can set up your account by adding your photo and writing a description that briefly describes your hobbies, interests, the company you work for. , for example, or your industry.

Scroll down to the home page.

The first place to explore once you’re ready to get started is the Clubhouse home page. It can be accessed by clicking the back button in the upper left corner of any page in the app.

Use the “Explore” page to find other Users, Clubs and Rooms.

If you’re not interested in what your home page shows you, tap the magnifying glass icon to bring up the Clubhouse Explore page.

From there, you can get suggested people to follow and click on certain topics to see the current Rooms, people, or clubs associated with them.

You can also use the search feature on this tab to search for specific users or clubs.

Join a club

Clubs are groups of users interested in the same specific topics, similar to Group functionality on Facebook or LinkedIn. Once you have joined a club, you can see notifications from the Rooms it hosts. You can also use clubs to connect with Clubhouse users who have similar interests.

To find clubs, you can browse the Explore tab or tap the search bar, select clubs and search for any topic.

You can join a club by going to its profile page and pressing “Follow”. After that, you will be notified each time its administrators launch a Room.

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