But Rodgers gave a bizarre interview on SiriusXM. About Covid-19 in November, after reports emerged. That he had at best violated the truth when he previously. The good news was that this time he was more direct. The bad news was that he was probably far too honest for his own good.

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The interview featured an avalanche of anti-vaxxer buzzwords and well-known death eaters, unsuccessfully trying to prove he wasn’t “anti-vax.” He confirmed that his personal immunization protocol Chile Phone Number included ivermectin and then began protesting (yawning) “ the woke mob ” who disrespected him. He even threw in a misquote from Martin Luther King Jr.

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Lost cause, spectacular fall from favor – and he was subsequently unavailable to play with his team after testing positive for Covid-19. His brand value also collapsed, and the long-standing sponsor State Farm immediately announced that he would be replacing him in upcoming statements. But “it would be inappropriate for us to comment on Aaron’s vaccination status,” they told AdAge.

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