When it comes to tech jobs , we often talk about the proliferation of new jobs, a multiplication for which the students of our Web School in Paris must prepare . We obviously think of the opportunities opened up by the latest innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or even Blockchain, but these new professions also take forms and functions that are not expected, as is the case of the Business Developer.

Business Developer, Responsible for The Future of Any Business?

If the digital transformation of companies has had profound repercussions on all the basic functions of the latter ( Marketing , Human Resources , etc.), it has not altered the latter’s ultimate objective: to continue to develop in order to achieve Kenya Email List increasingly ambitious goals. And it is to this mission that the Business Developer must respond.

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In other words, the Business Developer has the heavy responsibility of having to meet two very distinct requirements:

Provide solutions to optimize the productivity and efficiency of the various departments and thus increase the profitability of the company. Find new growth levers by studying, organizing and implementing them. These may be new markets to be conquered, but also new activities to be developed within the company.

The Entrepreneur of Tomorrow, a Talent Based on Expertise and Creativity

This Digital Expert remains above all a professional at the crossroads of skills, since he must be able to reconcile legal and / or accounting requirements with marketing expectations, while relying on the communication and sales forces departments to achieve its purposes. A true development orchestra leader, the Business Developer must be able to rely on a global vision and therefore significant technical expertise, while demonstrating boundless creativity, going beyond the simple stage of flexibility.

How to Become a Business Developer?

By definition, the mission of the Business Developper can vary according to his company, SME or multinational, and the specialization of the latter. On the other hand, a solid global expertise will be required, as in particular through obtaining a BAC + 5 title of Expert E Business and Digital Transformation . Most often, the professional will evolve towards a mission of Business Developer after a few years of experience, even if for some, this essential professional experience may be replaced by work-study studies.

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