The pandemic forces brands to anticipate and respond even faster to consumer demand. This is sometimes very difficult with long delivery times and worldwide shortages in raw materials and products. “Consumers have taken control, with more demands, more urgency, more unpredictability. They’re driving this year’s trends, but we’re empowering brands to take back control,” said Elena Melnikova, Talkwalker’s CMO.

Another important aspect

The report mentions, among other things: Further growth of TikTok and other social media that have to adapt Why brand inclusivity will be brand critical How metaverses will be the next consumer connection Omnichannel engagement is changing Austria Phone Number the way consumers interact with social media 6. Customer lifetime value and offline conversion tracking Judging the success of your campaigns on just a CPA or ROAS is no longer enough.

Branding and apply both

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More and more brands are growing in their digital maturity and focus on customer lifetime value. Because the added value of a purchase lies in having a loyal customer who comes back to you time and time again. That is a lot more valuable than one-time purchases. We see inbound marketing and digital marketing maturing. A newer component is offline conversion tracking. What is Offline Conversion Tracking (OCT)?

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