Not trying to spice up a standard program with a virtual treasure hunt at the end, but really working out the virtual customer journey step by step . For the different types of visitors. Because why would that visitor come by live. If the content is also published online later? So that the visitor can view the content on their own, at their favorite viewing location. An analysis of the questionnaires we sent after TED events showed this very clearly.

The big catch-up seems

People really came for the total experience. The TED talks themselves were later always published publicly. It was precisely all the surprises from invitation to goodbye that visitors came Jamaica Phone Number by live for. From passively leaning back and watching, to actively participating as a visitor and co-creating the experience.

Bigger, more beautiful, bolder

The multitude of invitations

Physical, virtual and hybrid, on all fronts it is necessary not to see this as a simple cupcake with a logo with the coffee, but as an integral part of the core concept and strategy. A meta-analysis of various studies also shows this. 3. More micro moments In the year before corona, the average attendance of a congress was 4900 people. Here too, I see a strong shift to much smaller-scale events.

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