A great deal of attention is also being paid to how the ‘last mile’ can best be used. It turns out that more than 50% of trucks in Europe drive around partially or completely empty. In addition, various start-ups are working on an algorithm that supports route planning as efficiently as possible. Or think of a company like Budbee that goes even further.

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It allows consumers to choose a time slot, so that there is a good chance that the package will actually be delivered. Not to mention bicycle couriers who even make delivery by bicycle possible. What we also see more and more is the second-hand Spain Phone Number market. Zalando has now jumped in and H&M now has a studio in Amsterdam where you can have your clothes altered.

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You can also think of the amount of energy your hosting package costs. Is that necessary? Is there optimization necessary (see trend 4)? Or look at the shipping boxes. How much ‘air’ is in a shipping box? 6% opt for a delivery service with green delivery A side note: research by Sendcloud from 2020 shows that 44% of Dutch people fear the consequences of online shopping for the environment.

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