If you have a website or an online store, you know that natural referencing is an essential web marketing lever for the success of your business. But setting up an effective long-term SEO action plan cannot be improvised. Because on the one hand you need technical knowledge, writing and analytical skills, and on the other hand a lot of time.

So if you want to find professionals capable of boosting the visibility of your website and bringing it to the first page of the SERPs , discover our top 15 of the best natural referencing agencies in Nantes.

Your SEO agency that builds your SEO strategy

1-? Open Linking
Located near Nantes, in the town of Saint-Herblain, Open Linking is the expert agency in SEO, SEA and Web Analytics in Loire-Atlantique. Whether you need natural referencing (indexing, internal linking, web content creation, netlinking, etc.), paid referencing (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads , Linkedin Ads), a good web marketing strategy or even from Web Analytics, Open Linking consultants will find solutions to bring your Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List website to the top positions in search engines and increase your qualified traffic. If necessary, Open Linking can also take care of the redesign of your site.

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2-? SEO Mix
SEO Mix defines itself as an SEO and WordPress agency in Nantes. Its team of natural referencing experts will start with an audit of your website, for an in-depth analysis whose positive and negative points will provide essential guidance to define an effective SEO strategy. Then, the agency will optimize your content as well as the structure of your site, and position you on keywords that can guarantee results and a good return on investment. The long-term goal being to build popularity continuously to generate traffic.


Yumens digital strategy consulting agencies are present in most major French cities, such as Paris, Toulouse, Rennes, and even Nantes. Based in Saint-Herblain, the Nantes agency has serious references in SEO and offers you to set up tailor-made SEO strategies to improve your visibility in the SERPs. Yumens has a center of QASEO (SEO aptitude qualification) and CESEO (SEO Expert Certification) certified experts and offers many other web services: SEA, Social Ads, UX / UI / Webdesign, monitoring, etc.

4-? Respoweb
Located in the heart of Nantes, this global web marketing agency will be able to assist you in many sectors: SEO, Google Ads, Web Analytics, management of social networks, Social Ads, and even in the creation of websites.

In terms of natural referencing, the Respoweb agency adopts a methodology based on good practices and which takes into account your financial situation. The two most important points of their SEO action concern the technical aspect (analysis of your site to optimize loading time, redirects, responsive design) and the creation of unique and quality content.

5-? Gimfix
Gimfix is ​​a web marketing agency that covers all areas of digital marketing: SEO, social media, online advertising, digital strategy, etc. These professionals and internet enthusiasts based in Saint-Étienne-de-Montluc, in the suburbs of Nantes, guarantee you convincing results with their SEO optimization methods: more visibility, continuous generation of traffic, increase in your conversions and of your turnover. To do this, Gimfix SEO experts work on your keywords, your external links, the writing of relevant content and on the technical aspect of SEO.

Gimfix is ​​a certified Google Partner Premier agency.

6-? Search Foresight
This digital marketing agency based in Paris and Nantes is recognized for its skills in natural referencing, with more than 20 years of experience in this field. Search Foresight offers you tailor-made SEO solutions, via prioritized actions, following a logic and an approach that is as ROIste as possible. The agency’s SEO teams will enhance your brand image and strengthen your positioning and your authority by working on your backlinks, and bring semantic cohesion to your entire website, with a choice of keywords adapted to your possibilities. and your company profile.

7-? Boost Your Web
Based in Nantes, Rennes and Vannes, this SEO agency is also competent in the fields of Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Web Analytics, and Google Adwords / Ads.

For your SEO projects, Boost Your Web can guarantee results on several types of objectives, whether it concerns the visibility of your business on the internet, the generation of qualified traffic, or the increase in your conversion rates. The agency’s professionals start with an SEO audit, a competitive benchmark, and continue with a keyword analysis. They then provide support and regular monitoring of your performance.

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