SEO optimization of a website is a long-term process that requires expertise and time, especially to find the winning keywords, create quality content, or follow updates from the website. Google algorithm.

So if you want to hire an SEO agency in the Bordeaux region to entrust your SEO strategy to professionals, take a look at our selection of the best local agencies in the rest of this article.

1- 209 Agency

209 Agency, SEO agency in Bordeaux, offers you recognized lexical and semantic expertise to boost the quality of your content. 209 Agency supports brands and companies that want to achieve better conversions by improving the targeting of their content.

The SEO experts at 209 Agency can provide concrete answers in the field of semantic optimization of your web pages. They also know how to better match Denmark WhatsApp Number List Internet user demand with your offer to create high added value SEO content.

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2- 1789
This SEO agency installed in Bordeaux for several years, but also in several large cities of France, is specialized in the implementation of tailor-made SEO strategies and works with all types of companies. Its teams offer all their clients in the Bordeaux region appropriate support that allows them to achieve their goals with confidence. Apart from its natural referencing skills, 1789 can also help you in the areas of Social Media, UX Design, digital strategy and inbound marketing .

3- Eskimoz

Eskimoz is an agency specializing in natural referencing which is present in the cities of Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Toulouse. The SEO experts of this agency have all the necessary know-how to position your website sustainably in the first results of search engines. Thanks to the SEO work undertaken by Eskimoz, which includes an SEO audit, the implementation of an action plan, the creation and publication of content, and netlinking, your web pages will gain visibility and attract traffic qualified.

4- Velcomeseo
Velcomseao is your SEO agency in Bordeaux that will help you gain visibility and notoriety in order to find the right customers and develop your sales. This agency covers all the most important areas of natural referencing: web writing, SEO audit, netlinking, e-reputation, and advice. Its experts can support you in all these processes to ensure that your website boosts its visibility and becomes a powerful tool in the acquisition of qualified traffic.

5- Darwin
Darwin is an SEO agency located in several large cities in France, such as Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris, Nice and Lille, whose core business is to design and implement the best SEO strategies for your business. What purpose ? To drive organic traffic to your website and get it to the top of search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines that matter.

6- Netlinking

Collaborating with Netlinking is the promise of targeted traffic and increased sales on your website. This natural referencing agency in Bordeaux offers you the following services: keyword research, internal optimizations, netlinking, monitoring and activity report with data analysis. Netlinking’s SEO teams can help you set up a global SEO strategy that takes your goals into account and brings visible results after just a few months.

7- Foxglove
For Foxglove, natural referencing remains the best lever for your web marketing strategy. Also located in Paris and Lyon, this Bordeaux agency wants you to benefit from its SEO skills, whether in the areas of strategy, audit, or content writing. Foxglove provides you with a dedicated project manager to support your company in developing its visibility and notoriety.

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