As you know, SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a form of web marketing that aims to promote websites by increasing their visibility, through natural referencing actions (SEO / Search Engine Optimization) and paid search (SEA / Search Engine Advertising).

If you are now an e-commerce owner or have a commercial website, you know that a paid SEO strategy must be put in place to complement and support SEO, which is a job. long term. In other words, if you choose just one of these options, your website will have very little chance of shining. The two must go hand in hand, and it is no coincidence that most web marketing agencies include both SEO and SEA in their lists of services and benefits, even these two areas of expertise require specific skills.

As there are a lot of web marketing agencies specializing in both natural referencing and paid referencing in Paris and throughout France, we have established a top 10 of SEM agencies for you, which will help you make your choice.


If you are looking for a dynamic SEM agency, attentive, and oriented on the growth of your business, contact

These paid media experts also have sought-after skills in the field of SEO, and skillfully combine the two facets of SEO in order to Cyprus Mobile Number List develop your sales and your turnover in the medium term.

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The Junto agency, certified Google Partner Premier, is able to support your digital marketing project from A to Z, and will start by defining with you precise and achievable objectives. Then, after having analyzed your ecosystem with a magnifying glass, the agency establishes an acquisition business plan and develops a relevant and calculated strategy. Regularly, you will meet with a consultant to monitor your strategy and any optimizations if necessary.

2- My Jungly
For all your Search Engine Marketing work, the SEM My Jungly agency offers you comprehensive support, which begins with the development of an SEM strategy adapted to your business objectives and your budget. Then, the SEO experts of this agency based in the 17th arrondissement of Paris will implement the appropriate SEO techniques using a variety of corresponding tools. With the help of My Jungly, optimizing your presence on major search engines, like Google and Bing, is in good hands, and the agency is committed to ensuring you have the best SEO possible.

3— Digimood

Present in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, and Annecy, the SEM Digimood agency has mastered the art of SEO and the science of SEA to perfection. So, count on their SEO experts to manage and optimize your Google Ads or Bing Ads campaigns, and manage your advertising budget as well as possible with sponsored links that perfectly match your website, your strategy, and the structure of your contents. As for the SEO component, Digimood’s mission is to save places for your website on the results pages of the main search engines, by offering techniques that relate to UX and the internal linkage of your site.

4- 1ere position
Since 1999, the 1ere Position agency has been developing SEO strategies and implementing technical optimization, netlinking and content creation actions which aim to raise your site to the first Google pages. 1st position is also certified Google Partner Premier, and can support its customers throughout their SEA campaigns.

To complete everything, 1st position also offers SMO (Social Media Optimization) services, which will allow your brand or your e-business to develop synergies between search engines and social networks.

5— Wigidix
Wigidix is ​​a complete digital agency, which always seeks to promote a combined SEO / SEA approach so that your website gets the best out of SEM. Wigidix experts know how to create quality content, in sufficient quantity, and they add external links to your site, optimize its pages, and choose relevant keywords for your business.

Wigidix favors the integration of natural and paid listings in your digital marketing strategy, without forgetting to add a touch of social networks, an essential element in 2021 for sharing content and increasing its visibility.


Despite what its name suggests, has more than one string to its bow. It is indeed an SEM agency that it is, and these SEO professionals also offer Social Media Optimization services.

Anyway, the goal of is to succeed in making you achieve your sales or notoriety goals.

The agency’s digital marketing experts approach your project from a global perspective, working all the levers available: website technology, SEO, SEA, remarketing, linkbuilding, social networks, etc.

7- Justsearch
Justsearch is an expert SEM agency in digital growth, which has the skills to create digital acquisition strategies using several levers – SEO / SEA / SMA – to ensure that your website gains visibility.

The experts in natural referencing of Justsearch have you submit a natural referencing strategy to optimize the positioning of your website, and their team specialized in Google Ads will take over to give a boost to your strategy via effective Google Adwords campaigns.

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