LinkedIn is indeed the most important professional social network in the world, with currently more than 700 million users, and it must be a top priority in the digital marketing strategy of your company or your e-commerce site in 2021, especially if you work in BtoB.

Here are some statistics to prove it:

In the past year, over 90% of B2B marketers have used LinkedIn to deliver content.
LinkedIn Sponsored Posts generate 2x the open rates and 2x more engagements compared to traditional emails.
LinkedIn generated a return on ad spend 2-5 times higher than other tech social media platforms.
So, if you have not yet looked at all the benefits that LinkedIn and its ads can bring to your business, take the time to browse our top 10 LinkedIn Ads Afghanistan Phone Number List Agencies, in order to better understand the offers and services available in this area.


The Junto agency, specialized in digital marketing, and in the field of Paid Media in particular, is the ideal partner to exploit the resources of the largest professional network in the world. Thanks to the help of consultants who fully understand the issues and problems of the BtoB sector, you will optimize your targeting on LinkedIn, and use a variety of formats to reach your audience: Sponsored Content and Inmail, Text Ads, Display Ads, sessions live with the “Live” functionality, which allows you to organize high added value events, such as workshops, webinars, training courses, and so on.

Junto can also support your digital marketing projects on other popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

2. ?staenk
With LinkedIn Ads, the Staenk advertising agency offers you the opportunity to generate qualified BtoB leads and promote your brand on the professional network par excellence, by providing you with all its expertise in the implementation of an effective marketing strategy capable of fulfilling your campaign goals. Staenk’s LinkeIn Ads experts will first set up your business account, set up your campaigns, then create attractive ads among all the formats and possibilities that LinkeIn Ads offers. Finally, you will receive a regular report on the status of your campaign, in order to make the necessary adjustments.

AEP Digital

Thanks to the LinkedIn Ads campaigns concocted by the AEP Digital agency, your company will be able to obtain qualified leads, in addition to the acquisition levers pre-existing in your overall online marketing strategy. AEP Digital’s LinkedIn Ads experts will help promote your company’s know-how to an ultra-qualified audience, and boost the notoriety and visibility of your brand. They know from their experience what is the right ad format to use for your campaigns and thus achieve your goals.

4.? Efficient
Eficiens is a digital marketing agency from the 12th arrondissement of Paris specializing in performance campaigns. To succeed in your BtoB lead generation campaign, the Eficiens teams will present you with clear campaign objectives, then set up a tracking method, in order to measure the performance of your campaign from end to end.

In addition to paid marketing actions, Eficiens likes to offer its clients inbound marketing solutions, through blog articles, SEO, etc.

5.? Yateo
Yateo is a Parisian digital agency specializing in acquisition, which can support your business from A to Z in the strategic implementation and operational management of LinkedIn ad campaigns. From the start of your collaboration, a SEA YATEO expert will talk to you in order to define the best targeting strategy. After creating your campaigns, the agency performs A / B Testing in order to try different techniques, and find the most efficient. Yateo’s goal, ultimately, is to decrease your CPA and improve your ROI.

Orixa Media

Here is a web marketing agency located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, which is able to create, manage, manage, and continuously optimize your LinkedIn Ads campaigns in relation to other Social Ads campaigns, to target your future clients on the world’s largest professional social network.

Orixa Media offers you a powerful lead generation strategy, thanks to the pre-filled forms offered by the professional social network platform, and to its very fine targeting capabilities.

7.? 404 agency
Based in both Nantes and Angers, Agence 404 is a LinkedIn Ads agency that can help you achieve your goals by offering you a complete choice among the different types of LinkedIn advertising campaigns, by precisely defining the desired targeting, by creating and managing your advertising campaigns, optimizing your budget, and putting on the table proposals for improvement after the reporting phase. All with the aim of offering you an optimal return on investment!

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