In 2021, Instagram is among the world’s most popular and fashionable social networks , and the US app has become the perfect place to market your brand, products, YouTube channel, or website to hundreds of new customers every day.

With over 25 million Instagram business accounts and over $ 7 billion spent on advertising last year, it’s now clear that brands are investing en masse on the platform founded in 2010 by American Kevin Systrom and the Brazilian Michel Mike Krieger.

So whether you are a BtoC company or a traditional BtoB company, there is a place for you on “Insta”, and with a little creativity and strategic planning, you will find that you can post a lot of positive things that. will be very useful for your marketing action and to make your brand known.

Let’s briefly recall why all companies – especially those that sell online – should be present on Instagram in 2022:

Customers expect to find you there
Having a verified Instagram business account is a positive sign in the eyes of internet users as the platform inspires confidence.
Your customers and any user can tag you, that is, advertise you.
You can tag and sell your products
You can drive traffic to your business site
You can manage your reputation online
Your competitors are certainly present on Instagram
Now that you are convinced, it’s your turn!
If you feel that you are not ready or ready to manage an Instagram Venezuela Phone Number List business account optimally on a day-to-day basis, and unfortunately you cannot afford to pay someone to take care of your account, why not consider training?

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And yes, there are training courses to learn how to use Instagram.

There are also many different types of training, ranging from articles on blogs, or videos on YouTube to real paid training for business staff who are new to Instagram. There are even training courses and diplomas for those who want to become an influencer on the famous platform!

It’s up to you, actually. If you have the skills and motivation to learn on your own, you will also find plenty of free resources on the internet to train yourself and become an expert.

Here is a list of courses, training, and tutorials to start your learning on Instagram and make your professional account shine.

– Instagram Marketing 2022: hashtags, Live Stories, Ads (Udemy)

It’s a 23-hour paid, but really inexpensive course, designed by Udemy, a leading online training site, and comes in the form of an ultra-comprehensive guide to creating and managing content on Instagram. The Udemy instructorhas designed a rich course on that will help you strategically grow your Instagram account. You will be able to understand the basics of marketing on Instagram, as well as techniques for creating content that can go viral. You’ll also learn how to use Growth Tools to automate the post planning process, interact with other accounts through comments, use the right hashtags, and more. You will also learn how to make the most of Instagram Live and Stories to increase your account reach and get more and more followers. Once this course is over,

Note that the Udemy company offers many other online training / courses regarding Instagram. Here are some sample courses:

Instagram Marketing 2022: Complete Guide to Instagram Growth

The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass
Instagram Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2020 | Coursenvy
Make Money on Instagram as an Instagram Influencer
– Online Instagram Marketing Course – (Skillshare)
Skillshareis an excellent platform for anyone who wants to register for several courses for the price of one and learn about different types of subjects: photography, digital marketing, social media, for example. In mind, it would look a bit like an e-learning Netflix where you pay a monthly fee that gets you access to all the courses you want, throughout the month. Skillshare offers you an impressive range of Instagram marketing courses, including Instagram best practices, advertising, mobile photography for Instagram, stop motion animation, growth hacks, Instagram for artists and much more. The first month of subscription is free, so it’s an option to try, and anyway,

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