If you work in a web marketing agency, you are bound to know the term inbound marketing . But what about the managers and owners of e-commerce and websites? This relatively new term – it would date from 2005 – encompasses a new approach to internet marketing, but its purpose is similar to all forms of marketing: to attract customers.

What is it then? The specificity of inbound marketing is based on its approach which aims to bring the customer to your company, instead of canvassing them with traditional marketing techniques.

The Pillars of Inbound Marketing Consist of Four Essential Marketing Actions:

The definition of “buyer personas”
Creating relevant content
The establishment of an efficient and optimized website
The use of marketing automation

What we call buyer personas is, in a way, an artificial representation of your typical ideal clientele. This process is used to better define the profile and behavior of your customers and ultimately to better anticipate their desires and needs.

The content on a website, as we know, is an essential element for your visibility in search engines. Internet users appreciate being able to read quality content related to your field of activity. It is serious and gives you undeniable credibility. And it is obviously an asset of choice to sell your products and services.

You will also need an optimized website ready to collect leads through forms and dynamic content, among others. Gone are the days when your site was just a showcase for your business. In 2020, it must also be able to generate traffic and convert your leads.

The Last Thing About This Type of Marketing Is the Essential Use of Marketing Automation.

You absolutely must rely on technological tools that provide you with global solutions in the form of CRM software . The pioneer brand in this area being Hubspot, but many other products exist that can adapt as closely as possible to your needs: Customer.io, Constant Contact, Pardot, etc.

So if this marketing model seems appealing and suited to your e-commerce site, why not hire the services of an inbound Cabo Verde Email List marketing agency?

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Before looking at our Top 20 Marketing Agencies, let’s take a look at why you should take this step.

The first consideration that comes to mind is experience. With years of practical experience, these specialized agencies will inevitably have things to teach you about inbound marketing. Not sure the reverse is true.

In addition, creating an inbound-type marketing campaign will inevitably involve more than one person, whether for a small business or a larger company. You need specialists in content, SEO, social media, etc. Maybe you already have this type of employee, but you will need the help of a team leader to coordinate all these talents anyway.

Not to mention that entrusting this kind of project to an inexperienced team can be risky, compared to all the experience accumulated by seasoned professionals.

Using an agency has another advantage, which could certainly tip the scales towards this solution. Indeed, if you want your own marketing team to take care of your next inbound marketing campaign, allow at least 4 or 5 months before they are trained in this particular methodology and the software that goes with it. While with the help of an agency, you will be able to implement a strategy in a few weeks and its impact will be felt after several months.

There are many other benefits your business can gain from working with an inbound marketing agency, but it would take too long to develop here.

Top  Inbound Marketing Agencies:

Winbound is undoubtedly one of the best agencies specializing in inbound marketing and account-based marketing in France. With more than 200 employees and generating around thirty million euros in turnover each year, this agency promises to boost your sales by developing a marketing action comprising three stages. The first is an acquisition strategy which aims in particular to define your target customers and distribute relevant content on your sales site. Then, Winbound will get down to generating leads and segmenting them into different levels of maturity, before sending the most qualified to your sales team. Finally, Winbound IT experts can help you optimize and modernize your marketing and sales processes by adopting powerful and essential tools such as CRMs. This agency also offers sales training and website redesigns.

1min30, he is one of the French leaders in web marketing who has several strings to his bow: site creation, SEO, creation studio, outbound marketing, and of course inbound marketing. This agency, founded in 2012 in the 20 th arrondissement of Paris is one of the pioneers in inbound marketing. On their website, these communication and internet enthusiasts offer you a white paper to download, entitled: “Inbound marketing: making your brand a medium and transforming your audience into customers”. With 1min30, your site will develop the quality of its content, optimize its presentation and its links, and these professionals can support you in the process of converting prospects, using in particular the technological means offered by marketing automation.

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