When you’ve just started a business or website, you don’t always have the time to focus on creating content for communication and marketing purposes or the resources to hire a full-time copywriter. And yet, your visibility on the web and search engines is conditioned by the texts, articles, ideas and opinions that you share with your audience via the internet.

So, why not hire the services of a professional editorial agency?
From the development of a content strategy, to the planning of an editorial calendar, through the SEO optimization of your existing content , editorial agencies remain essential partners in giving themselves the means to reach their audience and improve its performance.

Here is our top 15 of the best editorial agencies in France for 2022, which should make your search easier.

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1- Full Content
Full Content is a creative editorial agency with several strings to its bow: web marketing, print communication, digital solutions, audiovisual production, etc. Their project managers have all the skills to support you in the implementation of a tailor-made content marketing strategy, adapted to your needs. For the production of SEO optimized content, you can count on their teams of web editors who know how to go out of their way to answer all your requests. Full Content also guarantees proofreading and correction of Colombia WhatsApp Number List content and can translate your web pages into several languages.

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2- Morse
Based in Paris, the Morse agency specializes in communication and editorial strategy. Depending on your objectives, Morse’s content specialists will offer you an adapted editorial strategy. Thanks to their team of talented editors and brand journalists, you will be able to obtain tailor-made and attractive content for your target audience.

To learn more about this agency, check out their latest white papers titled “How to Produce the Best Content” and “Create and Deploy a Content Strategy”.

3- ?Scribeur
Expert agency in editorial content, Scribeur will take care of optimizing the content of your website, by first carrying out an editorial audit of your existing content. Then, the agency will work out a content strategy for you and come up with a list of all the relevant topics that should appear on your web pages. Finally, an editorial calendar will be set up to specify the dates for the delivery of content and their distribution. Thanks to regular quality publications, your online business will gain visibility.

With Words

Agency specializing in editorial communication, Avec Des Mots offers to create all your written communication media. Established in Boulogne-Billancourt for twenty years, the writing experts of Avec Des Mots are ready to provide your company with a range of services that can meet all your communication issues: editorial audit, semantic advice, marketing strategy. content, language elements, etc. They are also very efficient in the field of editorial design (graphic design, computer graphics, data visualization, etc.).

5- Scoopitone
Here is an editorial consulting and content strategies agency based in Paris and Rouen. Scoopitone has two core businesses: advice and content production and editing. Their passionate writers know how to create effective, visible, engaging and accessible content for the agency’s clients on all types of media. For each of your projects, Scoopitone provides a qualified and competent editorial team in the areas that are important to you. Your website will thus be able to benefit from exclusive and relevant content.

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