You have just set up your business in the Montpellier region, and you are looking for a strategic partner capable of supporting you in the creation of your visual identity , your brand image, and above all, of boosting your visibility in the metropolis of Hérault , and even beyond.

This is good, because we have brought together the best communication agencies in the city of Montpellier, each of which has specific features and unique know-how to offer you.

Discover the best communication agencies in the city of Montpellier with our Top 07 which follows:

1- OBS Communication

OSB is one of the best communication agencies in Montpellier. She can support you in your marketing strategy, your graphic design and your artistic direction. Their team of experts will work on achieving your brand image, from graphic design to the development of your website, including the creation of a graphic charter. OBS’s objective is for your visual identity to be lasting and unique, both in digital and print media.

2- Sweep

Sweep is a complete communication agency, which knows how to do everything: both creative agency, web agency, specializing in graphics, SEO, webmarketing, e-commerce and print media! But Sweep is above all attentive and focused on the enhancement of your products or services. Through 3 skill centers and a tailor-made approach, their New Zealand WhatsApp Number List team of experts will be able to provide you with their expertise and connect your brand with its audience. 

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3- Creativia

Créativia is a Montpellier communication agency capable of offering you tailor-made services for all aspects of your communication. Among their many areas of expertise are marketing strategy, website creation, graphics, mobile application design and even video creation. Whatever your project and the size of your business, Creativia makes every effort to develop your visibility on the web and on various print media.

4- Gazoline Studio

Studio Gazoline is an agency specializing in visual communication, established for 15 years in Montpellier. It has all the know-how and skills to guide you towards the most profitable visibility and performance solutions, in the short and long term. Studio Gazoline is an agency approved by Google Partner, which can also assist you in your SEA strategy, with tailor-made Adwords and Display campaigns.

5- The Dissenters

Here is a communications consulting agency that presents an original profile, and who likes to go against the grain of ready-made ideas in advertising and marketing. For these web and print communication professionals, innovation is the main driver of value creation. Their expertise covers many areas: Brand content, consulting & digital strategy, visual identity and brand identity, creation of brochures, logos, catalogs, etc.

6- Diadao

Diadao presents an originality: it is a communication agency specializing in the hotel industry in Montpellier. Their team has all the skills required to create and develop your website, while respecting your brand image and improving the visibility of your business on the web. Diadeo supports and advises above all hotels and restaurants in Hérault in their digital communication and marketing strategy, by offering them innovative and efficient solutions.

7- Spark

Etincelle is a communication agency based on three pillars: advice, creation, and content. Established in Montpellier for more than 20 years, the Etincelle teams offer you all possible types of content (digital, audiovisual, editorial, events) and can support you in all stages of your brand strategy, whether it is branding, advertising, B2B or B2C branding, and even events.

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