The acquisition of suitable and efficient accounting software is an essential step in the life of a company, and that, whatever its size or its degree of development. Considering the quantity and type of different products available on the market, the choice is not obvious. Here are our tips.

What are the criteria to take into account before choosing your accounting software?
First of all, you need to be sure to look for business software that has features and capabilities that match the size of your business.

For VSEs, opt for a product that only manages bookkeeping and allows you to make invoices and quotes, that’s enough. This recommendation also applies to companies that are accompanied by a chartered accountant. The offer is wide and varied on this type of software that is fairly standardized and easy to learn.

With Regard To SMEs

Try to choose a tool capable of taking care of all the accounting within the company. The entire accounting process must be able to be managed, from keeping the annual accounts to the possibility of integrating the Ghana Email List management of VAT returns or carrying out the tax return.

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Finally, a large company often requires tailor-made accounting management tools that are incorporated into a complex, global and centralized IT structure. Each company must therefore develop its own accounting management tool according to its specificities. Then be careful to choose your product according to your industry.

If you have a trading or trading company, adopt accounting software that can also handle the trading part of your business. This two-in-one solution will allow you to manage accounting and certain commercial aspects such as invoicing, quotation, etc. at the same time.

For an accounting management system corresponding to a particular profession, opt for software specialized in your field. Management tools exist for different types of craft businesses, whether in the restaurant or building sector for example. With regard to industrial and production activities, there are accounting management systems that allow all accounting to be managed in parallel with the production process.

Last point, it is recommended to test the software that seems suitable to you before committing. All the main publishers offer temporary access packages to their products.

On the other hand, your accountant should certainly have a say in this choice.

Here is our top 10 of the best software segmented into 3 categories:
– Software for TPE and freelancers

– Software for SMEs

– Free software

The Best Software for Tpe and Freelancers

1. Quickbooks
Quickbooks is a very good online management product produced by an American publisher. It is the best-selling small business management software in the world. Its readable, well-thought-out and intuitive interface would almost make the practice of accounting enjoyable! The advantage of this tool is that it can simplify the elements of commercial and accounting orders. Thanks to its online access, there is no need to worry about backing up your data. It is definitely the perfect software for companies operating in the professional service industry.

How to use QuickBooks for your business? our article

2. Georges the accounting solution
Georges (now Indy) is the ideal tool if you practice a liberal profession affiliated with the BNC regime (non-commercial profits) in the field of health or law, for example. Its primary quality consists in automating as many processes as possible in your accounting. Thus, this software can spontaneously analyze and classify all your transactions in the corresponding accounts. This application can be used on any type of medium: PC, tablets, and even your smartphone. What Georges buyers appreciate is live chat support: efficiency and availability.

3. Exact online
Exact Online is a 100% cloud solution that is easy to learn. He can take care of the accounting, invoices, quotes, and your CRM (customer relationship management). This versatility enables Exact Online users to improve their performance in terms of productivity and efficiency. In addition, this multi-support software offers the possibility of sharing certain tasks with your accountant, so that he can follow your accounts closely and use the documents he needs. The last major argument for your business, Exact Online is connected with well-known and reputable e-commerce solutions such as Prestashop or Zendesk.

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