Do you want to develop your sales and retain your customers using your applications? Push notifications have proven their effectiveness in this area. Batch has developed a platform and services that allow you to implement your push notifications and manage your mobile marketing strategy effectively. The solution is used by more than 8,000 applications worldwide.

What Is Batch?

Batch is a smartphone push notification platform and services. The company was created in 2014 by Simon Dawlat. This name might mean something to you. Before founding Batch, this young entrepreneur, he was born in 1984, had created AppGratis in 2008. To sum up, AppGratis was an application for discovering applications that deserve to come out of the shadows. The company is experiencing tremendous success. A little too much to the taste of the apple firm which decides to eject it from the AppStore in 2013. End of the Honduras Email List story. For AppGratis, anyway. Simon Dawlat bounced back with Batch.

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The company, which has its offices in Paris and Lyon, announces:

double-digit growth
a fundraising of 7 million euros
40 employees
100 billion pushes sent per year to more than 200 million visitors
10 billion tracked personalization points every month
guaranteed sending speeds of up to 1M pushes per minute
What does batch offer?
Batch allows you to set up a complete CRM strategy on your iOS, Android applications and your mobile websites.

More specifically, it allows you to manage your push and “web push” notifications, in other words to optimize the exchanges between your applications and your users. And to generate interactions.

Pushes Are Essential Levers in Terms of User Experience (UX)

Batch also optimizes the management of another preferred communication channel for marketers: in-app messages. Also known as “push in-app”, these notifications are integrated directly into the mobile app and can be triggered contextually.

Here again, the ambition is to increase engagement and interactions.

How does batch work?
The Batch platform offers a whole range of tools that will allow you to manage your push notifications and your marketing strategy, quickly and easily. The first step is to integrate the SDK and configure the Push: batch. Full integration takes around 20 minutes, Batch says.

For push notifications
You then have access to tools allowing you to operate in different formats (images, videos, animated GIF’s…) , preview and A / B test. Deeplinks allow you to manage the redirection as soon as the user has reacted. You can also manage the priority (when the push is displayed), define the expiration or even enrich your pushes with additional information.

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