If you only use the right tone, soothe the pain and provide useful information, you already create added value. 9. Distilled Original 404 Pages – Distilled Consulting agency Distilled has a 404 page that makes the originality stand out! Two gentlemen are having a discussion about the existence of the 404 page and the possible steps that the visitor can take to find the right information.

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The only minor drawback to this brilliant illustration is that it becomes virtually unreadable on a mobile phone. Your 404 must also be scalable , Distilled. 10. Belgian Rail Good 404 pages Belgian companies Belgian Rail As a resident of Belgium and sporadic train Nepal Phone Number passenger, I am not very fond of the national railway company NMBS. I was therefore very surprised that their 404 page on belgianrail.be is fine.

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First of all, there is a train-themed headline: ‘Oops, we’ve lost track…’. They then provide an overview with useful links. And finally there is the eye-catching image with a platform sign on which the letters ‘404’ can be read. Top! 11. Albert Heijn Good 404 page – Albert heijn I close this list with the supermarket of the Netherlands (and since a few years also Belgium): Albert Heijn.

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