A blog dedicated to the usability of day design programs. To China Phone Number me, it’s obvious that the blogger who created this particular graphic didn’t understand (or follow) some of the rules, including:colours : I counted four. They’re not particularly bad, but the way they’re used seems disjointed. Fonts : I China Phone Numbercounted four. Hierarchy : there is little use of hierarchy in this piece. Everything seems to carry the same weight and it makes my eyes bounce all over the page looking for the relevant information. Notice how the number 26 and the month of may are bigger than the name of the event.

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I made a little redesign to show you the difference in font usage, color and hierarchy. Reimagined imagelike the difference? The reason I did this was to show you that ease of use doesn’t always guarantee the best results, but following the China Phone Number design guidelines does. Among the improvements: colors : I kept the same colors as the original. But notice how I used the light orange and aqua colors in more of an accent role? Fonts : I went from using four to two. The unique font weight difference. Eliminates the need for new fonts. Hierarch


The date is not China Phone Number

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It’s a common mistake China Phone Number. Do-it-yourselfers are often so enamored with bells. And whistles that they overuse them and lose sight of the design concept. It in the hope that, reminds me of the man in Johnny cash’s one piece at a time , who works in a Cadillac factory and steals part of it every day for 30 years. He eventually builds the  China Phone Number “Cadillac”, but it looks nothing like a Cadillac. The man got so busy collecting parts that he didn’t recognize that he would have 30-year-old parts and he could never make a cohesive Cadillac model.



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