Online advertising is the perfect way to market your website, find potential customers and get more sales. However, running an online advertising campaign cannot be improvised. This is why contacting a SaaS platform like Armis is a winning solution. This startup relies on artificial intelligence to compete with the giants of e-commerce. Whether you are in Paris or anywhere in France, the agency allows you to digitize your paper prospectuses on your site, but also your commercial operations. Discover all the advantages of Armis in this article!

Armis: What is it?

Located in France, and created in 2016 in Paris by David Baranes (specialist in online advertising technologies) and Dan Gomplewicz (former director of strategy and innovation within the Leclerc group), Armis is a startup whose services are focused on “ multi-local  ” advertising  . This company allows retail players and e-merchants to unleash the digital power of paper prospectuses for their online sales.

To achieve this, David Baranes and Dan Gomplewicz have developed a SaaS platform, which enables local businesses to engage in an online conversation with their local customers based on commercial techniques. The goal of Armis? Fight the influence of Panama Email List e-commerce giants like Alibaba and Amazon and allow brands and retailers to use digitalization to speak to customers close to stores

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By relying on artificial intelligence, geolocation, programmatic and Machine Learning, Armis guarantees to maximize the internet exposure of physical stores in Paris and throughout France. Its multi-local advertising technology is already popular with major brands such as Carrefour, Leclerc, Fnac Darty and Leroy Merlin. The idea of ​​each of these companies is to encourage local communication from their site, defeating the paper prospectus, which has become increasingly ineffective since the advent of digital.

A year and a half after the launch of its site, the startup has completed a funding round of six million euros with Iris Capital, Elaia partners and several other Business Angels. This funding will allow Armis to accelerate the deployment of its multi-local advertising solution in France and internationally. If Armis Tech intervenes for large food distributions, the young growth intends to broaden its field of action in the field of sport, toys, and even fashion. To speed up its activity, Armis went from 23 to 50 employees on site.

Since its creation, Armis has received numerous awards. This is the case with the LSA 2017 trophy from the Cross Canal, which rewards the most innovative projects each year at the crossroads of digital and retail. In addition to its unique and revolutionary technology, Armis also obtained the special prize from the French Tech Stock Exchange .

Why Do Multi-Local Advertising with Armis?

As a reminder, multi-local advertising is a campaign that can be carried out on a set of physical points of sale. In this register, the advertisement must adapt to each catchment area or refer to a specific store.

Multilocal advertising takes expertise. Unless you are an expert in the field, you will need to call on a specialized agency like Armis. Local marketing is a great weapon for advertising online, but when you have multiple stores, you need to advertise multiple times in order to promote them. And this is where multi-local advertising comes in. Armis Tech is a pioneer in this field.


By calling on Armis, you will benefit from personalized advertising according to a catchment area or according to a geographical location. By developing multi-local advertising, the Saas platform offers you the possibility of reaching more prospects and attracting them to one of your points of sale. It is through the geolocation function that potential customers are assigned an advertisement that corresponds to their position.

For example, you have a store in Lyon, another in the Bordeaux region, another in Lille and another in a district of Paris. Your advertisements will be distributed in such a way that Internet users in Lyon are directed to a site near their home. This is also the case for Internet users in Bordeaux, Paris and Lille de France.

To do this, Armis relies on FLAI, a real innovation in machine learning which has earned it several awards.

How Does Flai D’armis Work?

FLAI (Fast Learning Artificial Intelligence) is an artificial intelligence developed by Armis Tech. It makes it possible to convert the commercial operations of brands into advertising anywhere on the internet, locally optimized for each store. This working method is called “multi-local advertising” and is aimed at e-merchants and people interested in retail, whether in Paris or in France.

FLAI is an artificial intelligence that generates multi-local advertising. It is a robot that creates advertisements and distributes them based on the location of users near the various stores of a brand. FLAI technology is controlled by an HMI (human-machine interface) called the Armis SaaS Console and machine learning.

In order to meet the technical and scientific challenge of integrating multi-local campaigns, the development of FLAI had to respect two structural and disruptive aspects. The first aspect is geographic. Here, the amount of data collected is enormous and is concentrated around convenience stores rather than being spread over the entire territory. The second is temporal. In this regard, physical stores need to communicate at short notice, so optimization decisions must be made quickly.

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