Content marketing is one of the most important means of building loyalty with your customer. But that doesn’t mean that ‘the more, the better’ is the correct statement for this field. Marketers spend an average of 82% of their time creating content. “That is disturbed and completely untenable,” said Bouke Vlierhuis. words and reference words. Signal words indicate connections between sentences, for example ‘therefore’. Reference words point to another part of the sentence.

Usually Because

Often more content is put on the content planning than is actually created. And the content that is created is not fully utilized. Cause? Lack of time, usually because you VP Business Development Email Lists have filled the schedule yourself. Shame.

Chief and VP of Business Development Email List

Bouke: “What is ‘success’ for a marketing team? Is that ‘yeah, we made all the content that was on the annual schedule’? Better not. You should have marketing goals that are directly linked to business goals. Real results. lead. New subscribers. Optimal support of sales. Higher customer satisfaction.”

3 basic rules for content marketing:

  1. Content marketing is not a trick or a tool.
  2. Success strongly depends on the involvement of your CEO.
  3. Focusing on content marketing means a different approach.

Go for less & uglier content

Porn, cat movies and memes are the 3 most viewed genres on the internet. Three things that score through imperfection. Ron Simpson : “Then why are we all trying to play Hollywood? Why do we try to make the best trailers, videos and photos, when the most viewed content on earth is low resolution?”

The smoothest content, both in content and appearance, isn’t always the best content. It all starts with your readers. What does your customer want to read? What is that person looking for? You can only find that out by diving into the facts. Get rid of the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) just like gut feelings, and look at the data.

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