Excelling at any marketing initiative can Cayman Islands Phone Number be daunting, and with content marketing representing a significant break from. The “old ways” of connecting with customers, there are bound to be many processes that involve a bit of a learning curve. . That’s why the cmi team does what we do: share insights that can help. You better understand the discipline; support your efforts with helpful tips, resources and advice; and prepare. You to achieve greater levels of success as you advance. Last october, I celebrated my first anniversary as cmi’s content curator. My biggest benefit so far is that curating is an ongoing journey of discovery – as I’m always looking for. The best ways to make our advice and insights easier to access, understand Cayman Islands Phone Number and apply.

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9 free tools to co-create content while the Cayman Islands Phone Number tactics and formats I use in my efforts vary widely – from blog posts to social collections. Infographics, checklists, quizzes and beyond – one format our audience seems to find. The most valuable is our e-books. It’s also one of my favorite formats because it gives me the Cayman Islands Phone Number opportunity to really dive. Deep into a subject and learn a lot in the process. Of course, I’m not the only member of the cmi team to appreciate the benefits of using this format to share information and ideas with our audience. In fact, as a team, we’ve shared over 35 ebooks this year on our slideshare channel alone. On topics ranging from essential processes and tactics to collections of examples.

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The experts we draw inspiration Cayman Islands Phone Number from. Here are 12 of my favorites from 2015 – in case you missed them. 1. 2016 content marketing benchmark reports, budgets, and trends no list of . Cmi’s most popular content would be complete without mention of our annual research reports. Covering the b2b, b2c and non-profit sectors, as well as the uk and australian content marketing landscape. These reports reflect the state of the industry and identify some of the key opportunities and challenges marketers. In content should consider raising in the coming year. For example, this year’s b2b research report found Cayman Islands Phone Number that.

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