The ideal moment for retailers for promotions, selling old(er) stock and booking huge sales before Sinterklaas and Christmas. Especially since the introduction of Cyber ​​Monday, Cyber ​​Week and Singles Day, it is no longer an option for most webshops to lag behind when it comes to promotions in November. Because suppose you don’t participate and a competitor does?

Tips & tricks

Certainly with the same product range, the customer will look for the most advantageous price and/or best service. Also read: Consumers long for the holidays, but are marketers ready? Tips & tricks Lithuania Phone Number An important word before the hectic pace is ‘planning’. Certainly in the world of online marketing, it is wise to determine a strategy in advance, prepare actions, build target groups and set up campaigns.

An important word before

Black Friday

This way you can be sure that you will not be short of time just before these important days. To use the example of Coolblue : the page for 2021 is already online, although without products: Black Friday page of Coolblue’s Black Friday page in October 2021. 1. Audience lists Many marketers use lists to re-reach certain audiences at certain times.

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