And we are making it more and more difficult for ourselves. I see more and more vacancies where a ‘unicorn’ is being sought. Often seniors with impossibly much experience for their age at a ‘market competitive’ salary. Oh, and they must not only have a specialism, but also know a lot about other specializations. The demand for resources is high from the customer side.

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It is therefore logical that there is a huge focus on short-term fixes. How do you get your current resources replenished as quickly as possible Thailand Phone Number to meet customer demand? What we forget is to look at the long term and to opt for training juniors. Don’t forget that e-commerce-related courses at MBO and HBO are rare (not to mention university, while we prefer to take on a graduated master’s student).

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Besides the excellent AD e-commerce training (Windesheim), I do see a lot of initiatives. Good onboarding But there is very little offer from companies to participate in this. We prefer to complain about the gap between the required knowledge and the level of education given. Somewhere we have to transfer our knowledge if we want to continue to grow as an e-commerce sector.

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