When “  Think With Google  ” was first launched in 2013 as “Think Insights”, its goal was to use Google’s huge database to provide marketers with relevant information on trends. related to consumption. For Google, the main challenge was to turn these masses of numbers into meaningful information for marketers. Originally designed as a search-driven content site, Think With Google has since grown into a resource center for e-entrepreneurs and web marketers of all stripes, including a must-see section for enthusiasts. e-commerce: Advertising Solutions Center ( Advertising Solutions Center )

Let’s first briefly introduce the Think With Google platform, which contains a lot of interesting things for people who work in e-commerce, then we will see in detail what the “Advertising Solutions Center” section can offer you, observing each marketing objective that Google has chosen to highlight: brand awareness, lead generation, online sales, then growth in mobile applications.

Think With Google, the marketing bible for Google users

When you land on the Think With Google home page, these three words appear: Insights. Ideas. Inspiration, with the following caption below: “Grow your marketing with Google. Think with Google ”.

This site is divided into 4 Uruguay Phone Number List sections, which can be accessed in the top left corner of the screen, right next to the Think With Google inscription:

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Consumer insights
Marketing strategies
The future of marketing
Consumer insights
In the first section – Consumer Insights – Google provides you with insights to understand how changes in consumer behaviors, needs and beliefs can give you strong ideas that can boost your business.

Within this first section, you will find two sub-parts:

Consumer journey

Consumer trends

When you take a look at the Consumer Journey page, you’ll learn how people are using digital platforms to follow the customer journey in a way that’s unique to them. Then, it’s up to you to transpose these different visions to your own digital marketing, thanks to many very informative articles and infographics. For example, this month there is some very interesting data on how people plan their trip from A to Z.

If you open the Consumer trends page, you will be able to feel the latest consumer trends on the web, including what audiences are looking for and what they are interested in, globally and nationally. For example, an article will tell you why more and more people are watching YouTube streams with their smart TVs.

Marketing strategies
It is inside this second section that we will find the part dedicated to the Advertising Solutions Center . But we’ll get to that later.

Because in this section, there are also several sub-parts not devoid of interest:

– Applications & Mobile

This is where you can read exciting perspectives on mobile marketing from leaders in the games industry and various applications, and find out how the speed of mobile media can impact your bottom line.

– Data & Measurement

To better understand the performance of each of the channels in your marketing mix and how consumers “experience” your brand, thanks to data analyzes, this is the subsection that you need to go to.

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