Ecommerce does not stop growing, and not only driven by the pandemic, but this trend continues to grow and increasingly among younger segments. According to El Economista , it will grow 25% in 2021. Some data At least 80% of the Spanish population Kazakhstan Phone Number will make some purchase online throughout the year. The average cost also increases, reaching an amount of 89 euros.

DISMISS ALERT Many physical businesses consider that online

stores are not for them, because they think that they will cost them a lot, or that they are very difficult to manage. In this post we want to clarify all your doubts and tell you about the advantages of creating an online store so that you launch into the digital world! You will not have time limits, and you will be able to sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be able to make yourself known to clients not only from your geographical area, but from all over Spain or even the World the cost is much lower than that of opening a physical establishment. Still in doubt? Digital marketing agencies can advise you on this process of creating an ecommerce.

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At Be Markethink we offer the online store creation

service and we will help you choose the best options for your business to grow without limits. Contact us without obligation and we will send you a personalized quote. Every day it is more important for a business to have a website where users can find out about the company’s products, services or information, but what elements should a website include ? Surely when you think about making a website you are assailed by many doubts, It is normal for this to happen since the website is a fundamental part of your strategy as a brand. It’s your home on the internet! Well, in this article we are going to. Give some keys or elements that a website must include. So that the user experience is a success and the proposed objectives are achieved.

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