To gain notoriety and maximize sales, every business must adopt the right method of communication. To do this, nothing like the services of a Paris advertising agency.

Let’s take a look at Admoove , a specialist in location-based advertising on mobile devices. Based in Paris, this platform occupies a prominent place in the digital geo-marketing sector in France. It produces mobile advertising broadcasts based on the location of an individual located near a point of sale.

Admoove: What Is It?

Admoove is a company created in 2010 in Paris, France. She specializes in geolocated mobile digital marketing. The Adux group brand is located in 13 countries. The goal of Admoove is to allow advertisers to deliver, in real time, advertisements on the mobile of people who pass near their physical stores.

These advertisers can offer promotions, coupons or just invitations on a mobile phone. Through the Admoove geolocated Paraguay Email List advertising platform, an advertiser will thus be able to schedule and broadcast a campaign in a circle of 500 meters in radius around his store, a city or a postal code.

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As a new marketing lever, location-based advertising can boost sales of a product or service. Plus, it lets people know more about the products you offer. Admoove is based, for this purpose, on location by mobile phone or by IP address, to allow buyers to find a point of sale easily and vice versa. Yes, conversely, because companies can also target potential customers and above all contextualize their offers.

Expert in geolocated data and media intelligence, Admoove is one of the preferred solutions for entrepreneurs and e-merchants. The platform instantly delivers mobile and desktop media efficiency campaigns that will allow you to drive more point-of-sale traffic. Admoove, a subsidiary of the Adux group (headquartered in Paris, France), houses a team of 40 experts, including geomarketing specialists, data analysts and a creative studio developing innovative and non-intrusive advertising formats. With nearly 22 million users per month, Admoove collects and analyzes more than 1.5 billion GPS coordinates, and this in strict compliance with CNIL requirements.

Admoove: How Does It Work?

The way Admoove works is quite simple. To send an advertisement to a mobile, tablet or computer, Admoove takes care of locating users who are close to the server. It is thanks to the IP address of an Internet user that it can be easy to define his position. The geographical position of a user will therefore allow Admoove to offer a targeted and much more precise offer. Such a strategy is effective because it helps to increase the final conversion rate on a website.

Admoove is based on an ad server, says javacript adverser, which hosts online ads and delivers them to mobile websites. Thanks to Admoove France’s services, advertisers can deliver online ads, count them, optimize ad inventory, in order to choose the most profitable ad. They will also be able to evaluate the performance of geolocated advertisements, whether it is the click-through rate, the purchase rate or the conversion rate.

Admmove uses innovative technology to know on which pages it will serve ads. On each of the pages, it can know the exact location where the advertising banners can be positioned. And depending on each location, the platform can define the right format for each post.

As such, the ad server incorporated on Admoove works from a JavaScript allowing it to understand that it is, for example, on the top of a page devoted to gardening and that it can serve advertising formats there. type 728 × 90.

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