A major player in outsourcing, ADM Value was created in 2001. With 13 sites spread across France, Madagascar, Spain, Morocco and Senegal, the multisectoral contact group provides associations with more than 150 call center agents. specialized in collecting donations.

The company, with over 50 years of expertise in telesales, investigation and collection, offers a multitude of services. While each site (Morocco, France, etc.) is recognized for the quality of its services, the company is growing more and more in notoriety because of its proximity to customers. Whether in Morocco, France or elsewhere, outsourcer is a benchmark in terms of Offshoring.

Acquired by Tessi in December 2019, ADM Value is interested, every day, in the multi-channel processing of incoming / outgoing calls, back-office operations and even email management.

The Offers Offered by Adm Value

At ADM Value, we find a wide variety of services, including:

Multichannel incoming calls
In order to improve your business, ADM Value offers you its multichannel solution. By adopting an optimized prospecting strategy, the group allows you to shorten your sales cycle. Calling on ADM Value means improving the quality of the Singapore Email List relationship you have with your customers through numerous communication and prospecting channels.

Singapore Email List

According to a study, 76% of French people called for customer support last year. To do this, they used four communication channels, namely email (76.4%), chat (76.7%) telephone (61%) and website navigation (77%). Whatever communication channel your customers choose, ADM Value will support them in making excellent decisions.

Even though these communication channels are different, they are equally important. Aware of this aspect, ADM Value takes into account the need to be available on each of these channels (website, telephone, mail, etc.) in order to interact with your customers. A solution that will help you provide the best customer service from your website. Despite the multiplicity of channels, this telecommunication company ensures the consistency and convergence of ideas and this in all its 13 sites. In the same vein, the group takes care of the management of your technical assistance, your after-sales service or your hotline.

Customer Acquisition

Outsource your telemarketing with ADM Value! If you want to obtain qualified appointments, develop your sales force or your turnover, you have the solution in your hands.

The back-office team detects BtoB leads, in order to determine the sales representatives who would be of interest to your offers and services. In addition to generating traffic to your points of sale, ADM Value guarantees you sales on inbound and outbound contacts; the idea being to transform your incoming and outgoing calls into a business opportunity.

The call center agents of this company take care of the processing operations of your calls made by the customers in order to generate significant income. They do this by studying and understanding what your business has to offer and adopting the perfect “business attitude”.

Moderation, animation, loyalty, retention
Listening to your customers is essential. This attention helps anticipate expectations and prevent attrition. Thanks to ADM Value, you can focus on the essentials while the company takes care of customer loyalty as well as content moderation operations.

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