They are very influential people, but often difficult to reach because they are extremely busy running large companies. Yet it is they, the so-called decision-makers, who give the green light to make a purchase or an order in the B2B sector . Indeed, it is considered that nearly 65% ​​of senior executives act as the final decision maker in B2B purchasing. Without their advice, it is difficult to achieve positive B2B buying decision-making.

So, if you work in a marketing team for a B2B company that aspires to present its product or its services to executives or managers who have this decision-making power, you necessarily have a lot of competitors, who also want to capture the attention. of these key people. Because it is the decision-makers who have the power to make important decisions, and above all, who hold the purse strings. It is for this reason that many B2B marketers want to reach them at all costs, directly or indirectly, thanks to adapted strategies that use both digital channels, but where the human aspect still prevails.

Competition is fierce

But the competition is fierce to succeed in attracting the attention of these executives, managers, directors, etc. This is a generally very stressed audience, bombarded with e-mails and messages from salespeople, and with a busy schedule.

So how can you promote and market your products to this exclusive audience of decision-makers? How can you ensure that your B2B brand gets the attention it deserves, and especially on digital channels, which have become essential today?

We must not lose sight of the fact that this category, which is located at the very top of the business pyramid, represents a specific audience, with whom it is difficult to initiate a relationship, but is nonetheless eager for content and relevant information. high quality, which can help them make the right decisions. B2B marketers and sales people who understand this and are working in the right direction can really hope to catch its famous decision-makers in the cracks.

Below, you will discover constructive and mainly digital strategies that your B2B marketing team can adopt in order to attract the attention of major decision-makers in your market segment or industry.

Offer ideas that others do not have

A good idea before setting up your marketing campaign is to check the newsletters, blogs and social networks and media of your competitors. Chances are, most of the topics and trends that these B2B companies write about are both redundant and actually provide Hungary Phone Number List little exclusive and original information to executives and decision-makers who might read them.

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In B2B, hard-to-find information is a real asset that decision-makers are fond of, and which has a much greater impact, especially in niche B2B marketing, than general low-value content. .

Even though this type of content attracts more traffic in terms of online search, recent and unpublished information of a unique nature is more likely to appeal to the experts and decision-makers of the companies targeted by your marketing department.

White papers, surveys, and original research that goes far beyond the first page of search results are things that will set your business apart from the competition and other vendors.

If for example you are selling SaaS type software, you should definitely try to explore ways to use your customer data, with the aim of revealing the latest trends in your industry. And then, not all digital channels do: you have to start conversations with old and existing customer contacts and ask them what solutions would be able to improve the performance of their business. Always be on the lookout for existing initiatives from your existing or potential customers.

Use the results of this research to inspire your digital marketing, through long and short format content that your prospects won’t be able to find elsewhere on the internet.

Providing your B2B customers with authentic and innovative research that will shed light on important questions or provide them with explanations that simplify complex topics are two great ways to get noticed and be recommended to decision-makers.

This strategy makes your expertise relevant to the decision-makers you are targeting, and keeps them engaged throughout the purchasing process.

Build a social media strategy tailored to decision makers

LinkedIn recently released its All The Voices That Matter In International Business list, which features professionals from various industries whose impact on the social media platform has been shown to be powerful, through their posts, blogs and comments. .

It is essential to note that most of the professionals recognized and promoted by LinkedIn were senior executives and people with strong decision-making power within their companies.

So this clearly means that your business needs to put in place a specific social media marketing strategy geared towards decision makers.

Today, digital dominates the purchasing journey of consumers, whether in the fields of B2C or B2B. In a recent study on B2B professional service buyers, it was found that approximately 70% of pre-purchase research and business evaluation is done on digital platforms through online searches, consulting blogs, webinars, podcasts and social media.

Articles, research reports and guides are freely shared between teams of buyers. These scour the websites of B2B marketers and now search for their potential suppliers on Google.

If you want to be where your B2B prospects are, digital channels should be an important part of your marketing strategy, and can position you ideally against today’s time-pressed decision-makers.

It’s up to you to choose the social networks best able to initiate a buying process on the part of the customers you are targeting. Depending on your industry and the profile of the buyer, one channel in particular may be more beneficial than another.

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