A / B testing, known as “A / B test” (in French), is a very useful technique for companies that use digital levers to sell their products and services.

It consists in comparing two versions (A and B), in order to choose the one that is likely to generate more sales. This solution is increasingly popular with marketing agencies looking for solutions and tools to perform performance tests.

AB Tasty the rising French Startup based in Paris promises to improve the level of engagement of your visitors and increase your online traffic. Now let’s take a look at this SaaS platform.

Ab Tasty: What Is It?

AB Tasty is a French company founded in 2011. It is located in Paris, France.

The start-up was created by Alix de Sagazan and Rémi Aubert. They pooled their expertise to design an optimization solution in Romania Email List SaaS mode, aimed at e-commerce sites, interactive site editors, but also news sites.

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Originally known as Liwio, the company provides web analytics strategy consulting. To do this, it relies on implementation, audience measurement and dashboard construction services. At the same time, since 2012, the company has developed an AI personalization platform in SaaS mode. This service is intended for your marketing and product teams.

Concerned about the success of your various projects, the AI ​​personalization company works with more than 900 brands, including those specializing in tourism, e-commerce, fashion, etc. Available in the United States, in May 2017 it announced a fundraising of 16 million euros from Korelya Capital , Partech Ventures and Omnes Capital . This fundraising allowed the young shoot to set out to conquer the United States and Asia with Singapore.

Since its creation, this user experience personalization company has obtained several awards such as the French Tech Pass issued by Cap Digital in 2015. The same year, it also won the “E-commerce Awards” for its application A / B Tasty for App, as part of Paris Retail Week 2015.

The Solutions Offered

Ab Tasty offers tailor-made solutions to many companies, but is specifically interested in the sectors of e-commerce, retail, tourism, fashion and finance.

Travel and tourism companies
A / B Tasty therefore offers you an all-in-one solution to seduce your customers with online tools in the travel and tourism sector by allowing each website in this sector to have more customers thanks to attractive experiences and automated tests. Its goal is to allow companies to make themselves known, whether in France or internationally.

The simplicity and speed of this platform allow you to know, in real time, whether you should choose option A or B for your sales strategy. By using AB Tasty, you will know, for example, which photo is the most attractive or which message is the most impactful. This allows you to offer a unique experience to your visitors, who will quickly engage in a reservation process.

The A / B testing tool limits cart abandonment and encourages visitors to complete their shopping journey. It also allows you to tailor your services according to consumer needs, while emphasizing urgency through “countdown” banners. For businesses focused on travel, the goal of this platform is to improve the booking rate of a hotel or travel destination.

E-Commerce and Retail

Ab tasty’s all-in-one platform has enabled many companies to increase their turnover and improve the customer experience through A / B testing, but also through product testing . The challenge for every e-commerce business is to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly. In this sense, it will be necessary to develop a strategy centered at the heart of their needs.

In this context, A / B Tasty is establishing itself as a benchmark by allowing companies to be as close as possible to their customers. This AI personalization platform helps you to better understand your users, to understand their journeys in real time. This will allow you to better anticipate their needs. The platform allows your marketing and product teams to design intelligent messages, which will allow your customers to personalize their orders to, for example, benefit from free delivery.

By integrating this functionality on your site, you will also have the ability to recommend popular products and new products for a quick search experience.

By testing the different payment flows, you can reduce the risk of paper abandonment by optimizing each step of your tunnel and limiting friction. What’s more, customers will be able to follow the progress of their orders.

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