How do you manage customer reviews, good and bad, real and fake? How do you use them in order to leverage them for your turnover? All companies today have an interest in adopting a strategy in this area. Verified Reviews is a partner to know. This French company, which shines internationally, has developed a relevant solution. It collects customer reviews and turns them into marketing tools for building trust, loyalty and sales.

Who Is Verified Reviews?

Founded in April 2012 by Olivier Mouillet (CEO) Laurent Abisset (CTO) and Tom Brami (COO), Verified Reviews is the solution published by Net Reviews to ensure the veracity of customer reviews.

More specifically, Verified Reviews is a solution specializing in collecting customer reviews for your business.

This SME, headquartered in Marseille, shines internationally.

It has offices and subsidiaries in Marseille, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Boston, Miami and Sao Paulo. This establishment allows it to operate in more than twenty countries around the world: Portugal, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, etc.

Leader in South America

In March 2018, the Marseille-based SME acquired the Brazilian Trusted Company, a company specializing in the collection and management of customer reviews and with more than 1,000 customers.

“This acquisition marks the opening of our 3rd office on the American continent and allows us to become a leader throughout South America This is an important step in the development of Verified Reviews We are delighted to integrate the employees of Trusted Company Brazil to our teams and to be able to benefit from their technological expertise to perform China Email Lists on the Brazilian market ”, explained Olivier Mouillet, during the takeover in 2018, via a press release.

China Email Lists

To accelerate its international growth, the company raised 32 million euros in 2019 from the American venture capital firm Providence Strategic Growth and its subsidiary of Providence Equity Partners.

The company employs 90 people (including 60 abroad) and has more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Between 2014 and 2017, the SME announced that it had multiplied its turnover by 5.

Net Reviews, which publishes the Verified Reviews solution was ranked by Deloitte at the 38 th place of the national Fast 50 and 170th place of 500 EMEA FAST (Europe, Middle East and Africa) which distinguishes the 500 companies recording the highest growth rate in this area.

What Is His Job ?

The job of Verified Reviews is to collect customer reviews on websites (online shopping experience), product reviews but also store reviews (physical store experience), from consumers who have made purchases at the store. ‘one or the other of his clients.

The company therefore goes “fishing” for consumer opinions, positive or negative, but genuine, from consumers by submitting a questionnaire to them. The company relies on omnichannel, the collection of opinions being done from past buyers on the internet (and social networks) such as those who have come to the store.

These “certified” reviews aim to counterbalance negative reviews. Nothing to say if they turn out to be sincere. But where the shoe pinch is that one in three customers, who judge a product, a service or even a place, does not know it. According to a survey by the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control), dated 2016, 35% of customer reviews published on the internet are fake reviews.

What Are the Benefits for The Merchant?

Customer reviews are a product with multiple marketing effects. It weighs directly on visibility, trust, loyalty and the act of purchasing.

For a company, adopting a strategy to promote customer reviews and consumer reviews has many advantages. You thus have the possibility:

optimize the customer experience,
boost your in-store traffic,
to better control your e-reputation,
to get stars in adwords,
to develop your sales,
share value-added information with your customers and prospects,
communicate more appropriately on social networks,
to spot malfunctions very quickly and to do what is necessary to remedy them. Technologically efficient, the solution has the advantage of providing real-time “photography”,
target your strengths and assets to make the most of them.
Which solution offers verified reviews?
The solution designed by the SME revolves around 3 additional services.

Collecting Opinions

Verified Reviews sends a personalized email to all consumers, without any selection, to request a review. Customer reviews are collected from authenticated Internet users with proof of the purchase experience.

Moderation offers e-merchants the opportunity to respond to and deal with a problem with their customer before the notice is published.

The customer reviews collected, both positive and negative, are published. E-merchants cannot edit or delete comments. Reviews are presented by default from the most recent to the oldest.

The trader is obliged to publish all customer reviews received!
Yes, that’s the rule of the game. And the result is thus more in conformity with reality. On the other hand, the merchant can put a negative opinion on hold in order to process it. In other words, he has a space allowing him to enter into a relationship with his client to listen to him, apologize or explain himself. A constructive exchange which can therefore allow him to get off to a good start with his client. And at the same time not to lose others, an unhappy customer willingly sharing his disappointment or his animosity.

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