Trends content-marketing-trends-cco-cover let’s drop the pretense that. You’ll have a quiet weekend catching up on reading and writing your Benin Phone Number list of personal goals for 2016. Instead, I’m giving you a quick and dirty roundup of my cco articles. Favorites over the past 12 months. Choose one article for each month listed and read it completely. You’ll be doe in 35 minutes – and you’ll have some great ideas for this 2016 planning. I promise. February one of my favorite articles published all year was amy higgins’ big bang. In the first place Theory, a content strategist . She maps how marketers can think of content as a planetary system, with a Benin Phone Number meta-asset acting. Like the sun, and variations on that single asset functioning like planets.

Moons, and Satellites Benin Phone Number

If you only read one cco article for the Benin Phone Number entire year, make it this one. And if possible, remove the printed version, as it is Benin Phone Number easier to understand when presented graphically. Big-bang-theory-amy-higgins also in the february edition was our inside look at society of grownups, a curious project by mass mutual. (I think it’s one of the most ambitious and original content experiments of 2015.) the global insurance company has opened a storefront in an upscale boston suburb to house financial courses and health clubs. Supper for millennials. Courses ru. The gamut from advice for freelancers to investing basics on good wine. My own party at the society of grownups was nothing short of a blast.

Adult Society Cover Benin Phone Number

Benin Phone Number

In the first place April I can’t offer an overview of the cco Benin Phone Number without offering. An article by kirk cheyfitz, founder of story worldwide and wise content marketer. In the too-slow death of the rfp , cheyfitz wonders. How brands can ask their agencies to innovate and still use such an outdated assessment tool. May it inspire you to ditch your clumsy bidding and find better ways to collaborate with agencies. Kill-rfp-cheyfitz-cover jonathan. Crossfield is cco magazine’s longest-serving columnist, and his april contribution, averting a social media tragedy, is must-read. Shortly after the sydney siege, the australian native opened up about how off-key marketers. Often sound off in the wake of tragic events. He says marketers need to be prepare to Benin Phone Number turn off automation and exercise.

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