Think of the major challenges that are often completely contradictory, for example in the field of health, climate and economy, global and local, competition and collaboration or profit and sustainability. How do you deal with that? It requires paradoxical leadership in which you go for both-and instead of either-or. Leading and managing In a hectic world, good managers make the difference. We also see this during the corona crisis.

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Do you want more engaged employees, more customers and better performance? Get good managers! The traditional difference between leaders and managers is disappearing. Because as the famous management scientist Henry Mintzberg says: ‘Simply because managers have to Venezuela Phone Number lead and leaders have to manage. Who wants a leader who doesn’t know what’s going on and who wants a manager who can’t lead?’ Drawing on piles of scientific research, Gallup experts Jim Clifton and Jim Harter make it clear in their book It’s the Manager.

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Gallup finds the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization’s long-term success.” † Those good managers can have all kinds of names, functions and roles. From department manager, cluster leader and team leader to network director, tribe leader or agile coach. All key figures who, if they understand their profession, seamlessly link strategy and operation and planning and execution. In view of its importance.

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