I am referring more to this: do we as marketers have all the relevant data and insights in-house? And at our disposal? And can this data be traced back to this customer? Also read: How do you get rid of that c*t customer? Things that block and complicate this There are a number of things that make it more difficult to present the customer with the most relevant proposal:

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Browsers block cookies and all other tracking information. In Apple’s latest iOS 15 update , the Mail Privacy Protection. System has managed to disable tracking Belgium Phone Number as best it can for the user. iCloud Private Relay ensures that a website is visited from. Two IP addresses, so that the tracking can no longer be traced back to the customer. The ‘power’ of parties such as.

gut feeling

Apple on awareness and management of their own data has. Meanwhile ensured that, as reported in de Volkskrant on November 1, 2021: “Facebook, Snap. Twitter and YouTube are estimated to be worth almost 8.5 billion people. Euros in ad revenue after the privacy adjustments Apple has made to iPhones. VPNs are increasingly becoming the standard.

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