Tweed pack – source: @AirMAFK on Instagram. The WhatsApp group: a contemporary society An important part of the community are the many WhatsApp groups about sneakers. Often you are only admitted via-via and you have to comply with the rules of the administrators. Think of ‘respect each other’ and ‘sell counterfeit = get out’. A good example is the GruppoBigFeet45+, a group for people with sizes that are above average.

Greed for collecting

In this group, members offer their sneakers at a friend’s price and ask each other for advice on matters such as the value or authenticity of a model (price check, legit check – PC/LC). There is also talk about the (un)reliability of certain traders and Netherlands Phone Number people help each other in the search for that one pair that is still missing from someone’s collection. Also read: Can you share content from others on Instagram?

Sneakerhead subculture:

Since my entry into this group, with no fewer than 220 participants. Beautifully expressed in jargon with ‘a high award level’. hype building Nike let you know early on that a limited pair is on the shelves. They enthuse the target audience at an early stage with sneak preview photos and cryptic social posts and teasers .

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