For example, the Shopping Index of Salesforce shows that social traffic in the Netherlands is well below average. For example, the percentage in the Netherlands is around 8% on mobile. The global average is 11%. We now know that using social media is not a one-off setting. A social channel needs maintenance. In addition, you also have to look carefully at where the target group is. Millennials, for example, spend less time on TikTok. The new functionalities also follow each other in rapid succession.

Green Ecommerce

Where previously posting beautiful pictures was sufficient, most opportunities on Instagram now lie with Reels , for example . Also read: Composable commerce: the new strategy for online innovation. Soon you will no longer need to leave a Armenia Phone Number social app Where social media was previously. Only used as a communication channel, it is increasingly becoming an e-commerce environment. Think of Pinterest Shop the look, the webshop options in Facebook and Instagram or the link between Shopify and TikTok.

Keep an eye on it

While we are now trying to move visitors from social media to the website, in the future it will no longer even be necessary to leave the app. The October Harvard Business Review goes even further. Chinese e-commerce is central to this. A purchase there no longer starts with a search by the consumer, but is triggered by recommendation algorithms , live streaming by KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and ‘native’ (embedded online) e-commerce stores in TikTok, for example.

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