With 2.3 billion monthly active users worldwide, YouTube is nothing more than the second largest search engine after Google. And as YouTube came under the control of Google some fifteen years ago, the two platforms are today a juggernaut of the web and internet search.

To have a good experience on the platform, users should be able to easily find videos that interest them. Therefore, YouTube has created an algorithm capable of ranking the best content for each search.

It is for this reason that the YouTube channels today have a challenge to take up in order to develop. In order to get better visibility, they need to adopt optimization strategies to get their videos to appear high in search engines.

This is where YouTube SEO kicks in. And don’t lose sight of the fact that the video platform is owned by Google. YouTube thus adopts the same search intelligence as the famous search engine, and has the same objective: to offer the best search experience to the user.

From there, we’re going to see 10 ways to optimize your YouTube SEO action, so that you can quickly improve your YouTube videos SEO and grow your channel.

1- Do some research to choose the right keywords

Keywords are essential in YouTube SEO, just like with Google. Thanks to these keywords, the platform identifies the subject of the video, indexes the Poland WhatsApp Number List content and associates it with user searches.

For this, they must be added to certain fields (title, tags and description, tags, for example) when uploading the video file, so that YouTube can collect this information and use it.

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Therefore, you need to know which keywords are most suitable for your videos and which at the same time have the potential to attract the maximum number of visitors to your channel.

You can use a basic YouTube tool, like the automatic search bar, to get started.

Another step in keyword research is to perform benchmarking. To do this, scrutinize the authoritative channels in your niche. If they have a good audience and lots of views, they are probably adopting good SEO practices for YouTube and knowing how to use the right keywords. Then review and factor in the terms they use in their most popular videos.

2- Choose keywords with good potential in terms of reach

With the tips we saw above, you already have a good keyword list. So, how do you choose the best for your videos?

Logically, you must think that it is enough to choose the words most used in the search engines. And it’s true, the most popular terms tend to attract more people. However, they are likely going to put you in competition with big brands and influencers that will be hard to compete with.

Your best bet, especially if you have a small business, is probably to use keywords labeled “long tail”.

They might not attract very impressive traffic, but they do have the advantage of not being subject to significant competition. Also, they often represent searches that match the bottom of the funnel.

Good long-tail keywords are usually longer – three words or more – and represent more specific research.

Either way, keep in mind that selecting keywords related to video content is essential. 

3- Find a good title for your video

After doing a good keyword research, you already have a good selection of terms. But what are you going to do with it?

One of the fields where your keywords must appear is the title. This is one of the most important factors for YouTube to be able to index and rank your content. And, in order for every video to appear in a good position, the title needs to be as close to the user’s search terms as possible.

We also note that longer titles tend to perform less well. Target a maximum of 45/50 characters.

4- write smart descriptions

Description is another important field that needs to be filled in when uploading the video. This text should provide information about the topic of the video in as descriptive and clear as possible.

While the title should be concise, the description can be longer and more detailed. You can use up to 5000 characters.

Description is essential for SEO, for two reasons. This may cause the user to view the video because the initial part of the description appears in the search results. Moreover, the description also helps the platform’s algorithm to identify the video content.

In your description text, you can include calls to action (CTAs), to convince people to subscribe to your channel or to upload content to your website, preferably with shortened links.

5- Modify the name of the file

You might not know it, but the YouTube SEO process begins even before your video uploads. Because in principle, you should include the main keyword related to the content of your YouTube video in the filename.

So instead of uploading your video with a name filled with codes and numbers (e.g. VID_94800805.mp4) which is incomprehensible to YouTube, use a name that makes sense and contains your main keyword (e.g. , “Best-practices-SEO-Youtube.mp4”).

Thus, the platform can identify the subject of the video directly in the name of the file.

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