Today’s SMEs are faced with several challenges, such as the acquisition of new customers and their loyalty, the construction of a powerful brand image, and of course the development of products and the management of resources and skills. of the company. All of these aspects must come together if you are to achieve your growth goals. Successfully overcoming these challenges also gives you opportunities to set yourself apart from your competition. 

The future of e-commerce

The secret to saving time, generating more and more leads, and improving the relationship between your company and its customers, lies mainly in technology. In the rest of this article, we will see 5 tips related to technology that will help you stimulate and develop the productivity of your business.

  1. Choose the right tools
  2. Bring all your data together on a single platform
  3. Improve work efficiency
  4. Bet on mobile
  5. Simplify reporting

1- Choose the right tools

As an SME grows, we notice that it is more and more difficult to generate constant volumes of leads and even to retain customers. Opting for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – customer relationship management system – is an essential first step for your company to progress in these areas and to be able to set up an effective customer relationship management strategy and monitoring.

CRM tools will help you manage your customer relationship in an organized and functional way, including tracking all business opportunities, ongoing marketing campaigns, and even customer complaints. This type of solution will also provide you with useful information to optimize the productivity and efficiency of your Jamaica WhatsApp Number List marketing team and your salespeople, and can, for example, indicate the positioning of prospects in the conversion funnel.

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In addition, this type of tool can be linked to other applications and software used by your company, to ensure that all your business data is centralized on a single platform.

Once you are convinced by the need to adopt a CRM tool, all you have to do is decide between the two types of solutions available: CRMs hosted on an internal server and CRMs hosted in the cloud.

The first solution seems to have more advantages, because firstly, all your data will be stored in one and only one place. Then, a CMR cloud version will not waste time for updates and installation, nor money for the maintenance of IT infrastructures. 

So, if you want to offer better customer service, generate more leads, and benefit from automatic detailed reports, acquiring CRM software should absolutely be part of your plans.

2- Combine all your data on a single platform

If you decide to adopt a CRM tool, the question arises of compatibility with the other tools you already have.

Rather than tinkering with and stacking several solutions whose overall performance may be limited, opt for a global system that will be able to centralize all your tools and applications relating to data and to the various trades of your company. 

By putting your CRM platform in the middle of your technological ensemble, you will benefit from a 360 ° vision of your customers and your prospects, and benefit from maximum flexibility and efficiency. 

What about compatibility with your other tools?

A CRM system like Salesforce AppExchange, for example, is designed to work, and interact with third-party solutions, in short, to make the work of your teams easier. 

Thus, such a tool is able to agree with the main e-mail providers like Gmail, Apple Mail, MailChimp, or Outlook. All your data from these e-mail applications can be automatically transferred to your Salesforce CRM in order to save all your events and interactions, and to create new leads. 

If you use Google Workspace and its suite of applications, no worries either. You will be able to synchronize all your contacts and your calendar, share your files, and even import your data from Google Analytics.

But the capabilities of a CRM like Salesforce AppExchange do not stop there, because this type of software is able to integrate with many other Cloud applications like Dropbox, Evernote, or even DocuSign. In total, more than 3000 applications can work with this CRM.

3- Improve work efficiency

After choosing the right tools, it remains to understand how to use them to streamline your operations and increase productivity. 

Thanks to a CRM system, you will be able to organize work flows that can be triggered automatically. For example, such an action will trigger a task X, which itself will trigger a task Y, and so on. CRMs allow you to imagine several scenarios, which start automatically from the moment you define them. And who says automation, says efficiency. These cascading processes, so practical, will save your SME a lot of time, and your teams will be able to devote themselves to tasks which present a higher added value, and which are also more rewarding.

And if you think that automating processes is going to cost you anything in the area of ​​communicating with your customers and with your employees, you are on the wrong track. 

With a powerful CRM platform, you can, for example, limit the time your sales team spends writing emails, looking for contact details in inboxes, etc. thanks to email templates that automatically import a prospect’s name. Automated tasks tailored to each account will also help you better track and personalize your interactions with your prospects and customers. 

And then with such a tool, no more communication worries between your marketing and sales teams. It is the CRM which automatically indicates that a future customer must be taken care of by such an employee, at a given moment. And because every step that prospects take in the sales funnel is recorded, your sales teams have as much information as possible when the time comes to close the sale.

4- bet on mobile

We can see that the mobile has become the preferred interface for reading e-mails, with more than 60% of e-mails being opened on mobile devices. And this is just one example of the growing importance of cellphones and tablets. 

That being said, it is not necessarily easy for your employees to switch from personal use of their mobile to professional use. Another interesting question arises: do your mobile workers have the same weapons as your on-site teams, with their mobile devices? 

As often, it is the Cloud that makes the difference and that will allow your employees to be efficient, even when they are not in a meeting with you or in the office. Thanks to the storage and centralization capabilities of the Cloud, any information about your business is now available almost anywhere in the world. Whether on a train or in their hotel room, your employees stay connected and have real-time data.

The adoption of cutting-edge mobile services and technologies can therefore improve the productivity of your company, in particular by allowing all your employees to accomplish any type of task, wherever they are, and at any time, as long as they are that they are connected to the internet.

5- Simplify the creation of reports

In today’s environment, it is essential to be hyper-responsive for a company, and to have the ability to extract the main information that comes from the data. There is such an abundance of data today that it’s easy to get lost in an ocean of data. Which ones are really important to your business? Is it the conversion rate of your last marketing campaign, the traffic to your website, or the attrition rate of your business last month? Before you think about analyzing your data, be sure to list your main KPIs (Key performance indicators) and stick to it. Then the machine takes care of everything. 

CRM solutions allow you to automatically generate reports and dashboards that will give you the opportunity to closely monitor your main performance indicators, in a simple and visual way. You can also view several KPIs simultaneously to have a global view of your company’s performance.

By simplifying your reports, CRM tools prioritize what is most important to your business, save you time, and bring the right insights to the right people, at the right time, in understandable and accessible formats on a set.

All of this has the effect of increasing the productivity of your business. 

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